Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence 85ml

Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence 85ml

The 55.5% silk culture fluid in the Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence is known to accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, reduce the swollen areas and provide vitality. 
The main ingredients are resonance silk culture fluid and Hae Wool Whan. 

Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence is an essence that helps to create a vital skin by helping the blood circulation of the skin, which is the foundation of a beautiful skin. 


It sort of feels like this. 
First of all, it smells so good. 
The oriental smell isn't very strong and the smell makes your feel comfortable. 
It also applies very smoothly on the skin because of its great sense of moisture. 


It applies very smoothly on the skin and 
it's refreshing and extremely moist. 
It makes the skin have vitality and makes the skin breathe. 
The sense of moisture and the smoothness are really amazing 
when it touches your skin after washing your face. 


It's not sticky at all and 
it gets absorbed very quickly.
Your skin will feel a lot more comfortable, 
for it provides immediate vitality to the skin.  

 I think I finally understand the difference between using an essence in the first step and not using it. I guess I can say that it sort of satisfies the needs of the skin after washing the face and prepares itself for the skin care. It gets gets absorbed without stickiness and it makes the skin breathe. The skin gets absorbed into the skin very well and my skin feels a lot better even when I've only used the essence and the skin the first step. I was really disappointed about my skin because it was very rough and dry after giving a childbirth. But my skin has restored the vitality after using this product. It really makes me feel good because it feels like the cosmetics are going very deeply into the skin. Also, my skin took the makeup a lot better in the morning and people had been telling me that my skin got better. I guess these are the effects Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence. It makes the skin chewy and it seems like it's restoring the areas that needs to be restored. 


I was able to restore vitality to my rough and dry skin. 
My skin was not very smooth before, but this product has definitely made my skin a lot smoother. Also, my skin was quite dirty and not even in the past. I am really thankful to this product because this product has enhanced all those. I was able to gain vitality because it helps the circulation of the skin. 

You know that it's not always good to apply a lot of cosmetics on your skin. 
What's actually more important is the absorption and how much it gets delivered to the skin. 
I personally think Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence plays out that role extremely well. 
After experience all these, I always tend to use this product. 
Whoo Bichup - Soon Hwan Essence is a refreshing essence that you apply right after you wash your face. This product is one of the products that I like the most these days. 
It's a must-have item during the change of seasons. After using this product, I didn't have to complain about the cosmetics not getting absorbed very well or worry about my bad look on the face. It's definitely a product that I want to buy after finish using the samples. 
It's definitely a product that has taught me the advantages of a boasting serum. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  2. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.

  3. Usually ships in 08 days in Korea was right.