Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang - Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 60ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang - Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 60ml

Sun cream has become a must-have item because
ultraviolet rays are known to be the factors for the aging of the skin.

A lot of people are interested about sunblocks because they are afraid of ultraviolet rays. 

This product is a sunblock that has the protection level of SPF50+, PA+++. 
It's a highly effective sun cream that protects your skin against strong ultraviolet rays.
It not only relieves the damaged skin from the sun, but it also creates a moist and transparent skin. 

What's amazing about this product is that it not only protects ultraviolet rays, but
it also takes care of your skin very effectively. 

This is how the product looks like. 
I guess it's pretty luxurious .

The lid looks round,
but the area on the bottom is flat.

So you can place it on your dressing table.

You can control the amount very conveniently because the mouth isn't very big. 

I first put the Whoo Gongjinhyang - Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream on the back of my hand. 


If you look at it closer, the ivory texture seems to have a lot of nutrition in it. 

I only applied on one side for the comparison. 
It was quite impressive. 
It doesn't seem to have the disadvantages of sun creams. 
It doesn't make your skin white. It isn't sticky and it doesn't seem to suffocate the skin as ordinary sun creams do. It was as if I was applying a smooth nutrition cream rather than applying a sun cream. 


I applied the product only one side. 
You can see the differences quite clearly. 
The product was more like a skin care product rather than a sunblock.
I took a look at the texture because it wasn't sticky at all.

The texture wasn't sticky and I was able to take off my hands very easily. 

I ran an oil test with other products to see how much oil it had. 

I've expected it to have a lot of oil in it. But after an hour, I found out that it didn't have that much oil in it. I personally thought such factors made the product less stickier. 

 I applied it on my face. 
This is before applying the product. 


This is after applying the product. 
The delicate smell Chinese medicine was really attractive. 

Let me summarize the characteristics of Whoo Gongjinhyang - Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF50+. 

1. A sunblock that doesn't turn your face white. 
2. A sunblock that isn't sticky.
3. A sunblock that doesn't suffocate the skin as other sunblocks do. 

I guess these are the three main characteristics of the product. 

It's such an attractive product because it is also known to take care of the skin. 
I strongly recommend this product for those people who are looking for a product that does not have much disadvantages. :)

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