Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang - Oil Balm Cleanser 100ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang - Oil Balm Cleanser 100ml


This review is for those people who are terrified about changing their cosmetics, those people who do not like oily texture  and also for those people who want to maintain a moist condition of the skin after washing cleansing. 


I took out the Oil Balm Cleanser and the spatula that came along with the product. 
The product was in a luxurious gold color and it was oval in shape. 

You cannot throw away that spatula 
because you need them for scooping out the oil balm inside. 

I tried scooping out the content with a cotton bud, 
but it wasn't as effective as using a spatula. LOL

Scoop out the appropriate amount by using the spatula and apply it on your face. 
Massage the product on your face for about 1-2 minutes while feeling the smoothness of the oil and the fragrance of Chinese herbs and wash it several times with warm water. 



I scooped out the oil balm with the spatula and placed the oil balm on the back of my hand. 
If you may ask 'how much oil balm should I use when am erasing the makeup on my entire face?". 

My answer would be... 
The amount that you see in the photograph is the amount that I used for erasing my makeup. 

You should use a bit more than the amount that you see in the photograph if you did heavy makeup and the amount that you see in the photograph should be enough if you did your makeup normally. 

You can change the amount according to your own condition. LOL

 It has the smell of Chinese herbs and the aromatic fragrance really does relieve the stress of your day as if you are erasing your makeup at a spa. 

I sometimes think it's better not to have this smell that makes your head hurt. 
But the smell of this product was very nice because it had the aromatic effects. 

The most important role of this product would the cleansing effects. 
Let's take a look at how well it erases the makeups.

These are the products that we normally use when doing makeups. 
By looking at all these products, it makes me think that it takes a lot of time and effort for us to do makeup every single day. 


 I placed the oil balm on top of various makeup products. 
I guess it looks like an ordinary cleansing product at this point. 

 I rubbed the oil balm on the back of my hand and 
the makeups got erased and the hard balm became soft like oil. 

One of the advantages of this product is that it doesn't run down even though it has a great sense of moisture. 




As you can see in the photograph, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, which are products that do not get erased very easily, get erased very well if you handle it with the oil balm. 

Since the areas near your eyes and your lip are extremely sensitive, 
it is recommended that you erase your makeups with eye and lip remover before using the cleanser. It's a lot more easier and you'll be able to prevent wrinkles on your face in that way. 

It's highly recommended that you use an eye and lip remover when erasing your makeups. 

This is the next step that you've seen above. 
I erased the makeup and placed my hand in the warm running water
like in the photograph. 

I wanted to show you what happened when it got in contact with water. 



This is when I've erased the makeup solely with running water. 
In other words, this is before using any other cleansing foams or cleansing products. 

You will be able to have a clear and clean skin if you wash your face for the second time with a cleansing foam or other cleansing products after washing your face with the oil balm. 

I've shown you how well the product cleansed the skin through my photographs, 
and the best thing about this product was it was moist and that the skin didn't feel the tension after washing my face. 


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