Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact SPF45 20g

Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact SPF45 20g


The product that I am going to introduce today is Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact SPF45. :) I am sure that you would have seen this product on the advertisement because it's a product that Young Ae Lee is advertising. It's a whitening pact that provides bright makeup effects + effects for blocking the ultraviolet rays + skin enhancement. 


Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact 

It's a pact that contains Chrysanthemum flower. 
It is known to make your skin white from the inside of the skin and 
protect the ultraviolet rays to create a bright skin color of a queen. 

The outstanding effects of whitening ingredients + the powerful protection of ultraviolet rays +
the transparent and bright makeup effects via high light reflection = clear and bright skin



Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact comes along with the instruction manual, velvet pouch, extra puff and a pact. 
The design of the case is very luxurious and pretty. 
I think I can give this product to my mother as a gift because it seems to have a lot in it. 

 Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact has two colors, which are no.1 and no.2  The color that tried out was no.2. Since the product has a big volume of 20g, it should be good for a person like me who has an oily skin. The case looks very luxurious and elegant. 


You'll be able to see a round mirror and a puff when you open the case. I really liked both of them because they were both very big. I think this product will break up the fixed idea that 'The Whoo' is a product that only mothers use!
I think it's a perfect product for a natural makeup because it's very light and bright. 


Just like many other ordinary pacts, Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact also has a very soft puff. The phrase 'The history of Whoo' is written on the grip and the quality of the puff looks very good. It's very convenient because it comes along with an extra puff. :)


There is a strong lid in the middle when you lift up the puff. 
You don't have to worry about losing it because it's attached to the case. 
The product is known to contain active whitening ingredients and it is known to provide whitening effects from the inside of the skin. It has a very high protection level of ultraviolet rays (SPF45 PA+++) and it's very trustworthy because it's a pact that has been authenticated by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration.  


The surface of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact has very luxurious patterns and 
even though cannot see it very clearly in the photograph, it also had fine pearls on it. 
When I rubbed it with my hands, the particles were very fine and light. 
I think no.2 matched very well with those people who use no.21. 
It makes the look of your face very bright because it evenly reflects the light. 


I applied Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact on the back of my hand. 
My skin became a lot more bright after using the product. :)
It was really good for natural makeups and correcting the makeups 
because it was rather light and bright. 
I think it can be used during summer because it gets rid of the oil and also because it has a high protection level of ultraviolet rays. Also, I liked it because it was not very dry. 


I covered the blemishes with the foundation and finished it  with the pact. 
I like finishing my makeup softly because I have an oily skin. 
The covering capability was normal, but I liked it because it was very light, bright and natural on the skin. It's even better because it contains extracts of cowberry and white atractylis that are known to suppress the biosynthesis of melanin. I would like to strongly recommend Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol - Whitening Pact for all skin types and ages because it takes care of both inside and the outside of the skin. 

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