Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo GongjinhyangGun - Bo Yang Essence 80ml

Whoo GongjinhyangGun - Bo Yang Essence 80ml 

This is the front part of essence. Its size is smaller than toner, but has same design with it.


The back of essence.
It consists of glass.

The design of the dragon that keeps cintamani in its mouth is carved on the lid. 


It's the type of essence that uses the way of pumping.
So, that can be useful for the men who feel bothered about taking essence by themselves. My husband has such a big head so that he has to pump the essence twice for putting on his face.

I took some on back side of my hand.
Even I lean my hand, but the eseence does not flow, because it is the type of cream that is in high concentration consists of moisture.

I rubbed softly.
I can feel the moist.

I tapped with palm to absorb all moist.
Of course the speed of absorbing is also faster than any other, also my hand is little bit dryer so that I can feel more faster of absorbing and moist. 

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