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Swanicoco Nutrition Moisture Peptide Cream(Snaven)

Swanicoco Nutrition Moisture Peptide Cream / Snaven

(Product overview)

o Volume / Price : 50ml - Flexibility / Wrinkle Enhancement / Whitening / Provides moisture to the skin 

Swanicoco Nutrition Moisture Peptide Cream(Snaven) helps to create a moist and vital skin by providing nutrition and moisture to the rough and dry skin. Adenosine and various other ingredients that have been patented manages the wrinkles and flexibility of the skin  and arbutin, which is an ingredient that is known to be extremely effective for its whitening effects, enhances the dark skin. This product can also be used very safely by those people who have sensitive skin because it has minimized the ingredients that can irritate the skin. 

The snake venom in this product is actually not the venom of a snake. It's actually a sort of peptide that has a similar structure to the snake's venom. This ingredient is known to enhance the wrinkles on your neck and fine wrinkles. 


<It is recommended for the following people>
- Those people who had to worry a lot when buying their cosmetics because of their sensitive skin. 
- Those people who have extremely dry skin all the time. 
- Those people who look for a high moisturizing nutrition cream because the skin becomes extremely rough and dry in dry weather. 
- Those people who reapply the moisturizing cream several times because of their dry skin. 
- Those who want to provide glossiness to their rough skin. 
- Those people who want to have a healthy and vital face by providing vitality to the rough skin. 
- Those people who have an old look on their faces because of the fine wrinkles near their eyes and mouth. 
- Those people who want to experience all sorts of effects, such as wrinkle enhancement, nutrition and moisture. 

The name of the product and the product description are written on the front of the box and
the volume, effects and Swanicoco's web address are written on the back. 
You'll be able to find the spatula near the area for opening the box. 

The characteristics of the product, main ingredients, effects, instructions, ingredients are written on the side of the box. Arbutin, adenosine, jojoba oil, vegetable stem cells culture fluid and etc are known to make the skin healthy flexible. Biosaccharidegum, Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), Magnolia liliflora flower extracts, olive oil, sesame oil, etc are known to make the skin moist and glossy. 

The warnings are written on the other side. 
It says on the end that the medicine that contains the same ingredients had caused papulose and uredo. I believe everyone should know about this before using the product. 


The case is black and the design is quite neat in the overall sense. 
The name of the product, effects and volume are written on the case. 
The spatula is contained inside the product. 


The date of manufacture is written on the bottom of the case. 
The date of manufacture of this product is November 17th of 2011. 

Swanicoco doesn't sell those products that have been manufactured over six months ago. 
You can always use a fresh product because they produce only a small amount so that it can be sold within six months. The expiration date is one year before unsealing and it's recommended that you finish it within six months after unsealing. 

I opened the lid and there was a protection lid inside. 
It's sort of disappointing that it doesn't have a grip, but it was not very difficult to open. 
The texture was a lot more chewy than I've expected. 
Rather than to say that it had a great sense of nutrition, it had the right amount of moisture and nutrition. 


It sort of feels like a moisturizing cream if you look at it closer. 
It feels like it's been concentrated because it's stickier than those ordinary moisturizing creams. 
The smell was very faint. I can say that it almost didn't have any smell. 
The snake cream that I had been using had a very strong smell. 
But this product was very good to use because it didn't have much smell. 


It's recommended that you use a spatula rather than to use your hands because the case is made for the cream. It's really nice because this product has a spatula in it. 

[Texture / Absorption]

I tested the viscosity of the cream. 
As you can see in the photograph on the right, the venom cream does have the viscosity to a certain extent. It sort of stretches like thread and it's very chewy like those fermentation products. 

I took out an appropriate amount and rubbed it on the back of my hand. 
It's sort of dry and thick on the skin compared to ordinary creams because it has a bit of viscosity. But it applied very smoothly on the skin and it also spread very well. 

The absorption was quite slow because of the chewy texture. 
So it's better to tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin rather than rubbing it. 
Also, you can feel a bit of stickiness from the time that it gets absorbed until it gets completely absorbed. So I can say that it's sort of heavy on the skin. 
(It's not heavy after it gets absorbed completely)

before                                                                                               after

Before applying the product / After applying the product

The area that I didn't apply the product is rough and the wrinkles stand out a lot because it's dry. 
The area that I've applied the product is glossy, moist and smooth because nutrition and moisture had been provided. 

Applied an appropriate amount on the face / While applying cream 

I applied the cream on my skin after calming down the skin with a toner after washing my face. 
(You shouldn't use too much because the texture is very chewy)
The cream is a bit more dry compared to ordinary creams, 
but it's not inconvenient because it's gets applied on the skin very smoothly when you rub it. 

before                                                                           after

흡수된 직후에는 촉촉+윤기+번들거림이 어느정도 느껴져서 다소 무거워보이지만..
완전히 흡수된 후에 번들거림은 사라지고 약간의 윤기와 촉촉함만이 남아서 산뜻한 느낌이예요. 영양과 수분공급이 충분히 되서 피부가 촉촉하고 매끄러워졌어요.

Before applying the product / After applying the product

Even though it looks sort of heavy because you can feel a bit of moisture  and glossiness on the skin after it gets absorbed, the glossiness disappears when it gets completely absorbed and it feels very refreshing because only a bit of glossiness and moisture are remained on the skin. 
The skin has become very moist and smooth because it has sufficiently provided nutrition and moisture to the skin. 


Before applying the product / After applying the product

This is the before and after photograph. The photograph before using the product is the condition of my skin after washing my face.  I have some wrinkles near my pores because my skin is dry after washing my face and also because I have a slightly dry skin. 

The wrinkles that I used to have near my pores caused by the dryness disappeared after using the product because moisture and nutrition had been provided to the skin sufficiently. 
Also, the skin that used be rough and dry become a lot more moist and smooth. 
My skin also looks very lively because it looks a lot more smooth and flexible. 

I've only applied this product when I was trying out this product. 
The moisture remained on the skin without any dryness for the entire day. 
I think it definitely has an outstanding moisturizing ability and durability. 


Swanicoco Nutrition Moisture Peptide Cream(Snaven) is a product that almost doesn't have any smell. It can be used by even those people who are sensitive to fragrance because it doesn't have much smell. 

The texture is chewy and flexible. I can say that it's thicker than ordinary creams. 
Even though it's sort of dry when you rubbing it, it applies and spread extremely well on the skin. 
However, the absorption was sort of slow and I was also able to feel a bit of stickiness. 
It's recommended that you use a small amount because it will take a long time to get absorbed into the skin and you may also feel the stickiness if you use too much. 

Even though you can feel the glossiness and the moisture after it gets absorbed into the skin, 
only a sense of moisture and a bit of glossiness remains after it gets completely absorbed into the skin. It has a very light and refreshing finish because it's less glossy and also because you feel less oil than moisture. The moisture lasts for the entire day because it has an outstanding moisturizing ability and durability. 

I am not really sure about the product's whitening effects and effects for enhancing the wrinkles because it's been only a week since I used this product. However, my skin has definitely become more smooth and soft and it had also reduced the dryness that I used to feel after washing my face. 

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