Monday, April 1, 2013

Swanicoco Snail Mucus Oxygen Pore Management Bubble Mask

Swanicoco Snail Mucus Oxygen Pore Management Bubble Mask

This is the last product of Swanicoco that I have personally tried out. 
It's Snail White Bubble Mask!

A lot of people are washing their faces with the bubbles these days. 
I've seen them do it on home shopping, TV and the magazines. 
These bubble products were extremely popular in Japan and these products are known to be extremely expensive. But it would be so much cheaper and I should be able to trust the product if Swanicoco in South Korea makes them. 

Let's take a look at what sort of product it is. 


Just like the name of the product 'White Bubble Mask Pack', 
the bottle of the product was also white. 
It feels very clean!
I can see the description on the product that says 'it contains snail mucus'. 
The size is small and fat. 
I placed it in my bathroom and it was so cute. 

The date of manufacture is written on the bottom. 
This product was manufactured on May 30th of 2012. 
Even though the expiration date is two years, it's recommended that you use it within six months after unsealing. 


When you open the lid,  you can see the pump.
This is when I held the product in my hand. 

The took out the appropriate amount on the back of my hand. 
The fine pearls were sparkling and it was so pretty. 
It reminded me of a shampoo that had a similar feeling. 


I gave a gentle massage by adding some water
and I was able to create the fine bubbles within a few seconds. 
The bubbles popped up by itself after some time and disappeared. 
The snail mucus and the sticky bubble texture only remained on the skin. 

I gave a gently massage once again by adding some water 
and it created the bubbles again and it got washed away very cleanly. 

As you can see in the photograph, my hands that were full of BB creams became extremely clean. It didn't have a sense of residues and it got washed away extremely cleanly. 

As it was on the back of my hands, 
the bubbles were created and they popped up on my face. 
The bubbles were extremely fluffy on my face.
 It is known that the bubbles go into the gap in between the pores and they remove the various sebum and blackheads that have a lot of oil. It was sort of itchy on the skin and it felt like it was really cleansing my face. 



Swanicoco Snail White Bubble Mask Pack was very fun to use
and it has definitely reduced the dead skin and sebum near my nose. 


 This is when I've erased my makeup with Snail White Bubble Mask Pack only 
without using other cleansing oils or creams. The area that you see in the photograph is the area that I've covered up and it got cleansed very cleanly as it revealed itself after washing my face. 

I personally think it's a cleanser that matches very well with the sensitive skin because it's not irritating to the skin .

I hope that you can experience the amazing effects of this bubble mask pack, 
as it is being sold at a very affordable price at Swanicoco. 

Click here to purchase the product.


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