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Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spots Patch

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spots Patch

 I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people who are getting a lot of sebum on their faces and those who simply do not know what to do with the skin because of the weather. I am going to introduce a ' Spots Patch' that erases pimples from your face for those people. The product is called 'Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spots Patch'. My friends told me that these products are very good. So I tried using it myself. LOL :)

 Product overview

Product name: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spots Patch
Volume: 16 patches / 1 pack

Warnings for the use: 
1. Do not apply on wounds or areas of the skin that have eczema or dermatitis.
2. Pay extra attentions if you have skin problems when applying band-aids or poultices. 
3. Stop using the product and visit a dermatologist when your skin feels itchy or have other skin problems. 

Characteristics: Contains Chaga mushroom as an ingredient
It has applied the patent for containing raw materials in skin-composite products.
(Application no. 10-2004-0084495)
It has applied the patent for containing hinokitiol and other extracts in skin cosmetics
(Application no. 10-2009-0012243)


I don't know if you see it very clearly, but the product is divided into sizes of  6mm,10mm and 12mm. :) 

There are six 6mm stickers, eight 10mm stickers and and two 12mm stickers. 
They are 16 in total. 


I took the photograph of areas that had skin problems because I wanted to personally try it myself. I am getting quite a bit of skin problems on my face.. I should get rid of them ASAP! :)

It's quite hard to take them off. 

I'm taking the lid off very carefully because I am worried that it might be torn off.
It was very thin and soft when I touched it. LOL :)

This is how it looks like when you put them on. 

 It really doesn't look like you actually put them on unless you look at it very closely.
You can use it anywhere you want  and no matter what the color of your skin is because it's transparent. Also, It sticks very well on to the skin. It comes off a little in curvy areas. 

After putting on the patch. 

 Can you see how it had calmed the troubles down?
The red areas have been removed and the troubles on the skin had almost disappeared. LOL :) All of this happened in a single day! It really depends on each person, but you'll probably be able to see an amazing result in one to three days. 

General review

The troubles on the face had been removed and the red areas were gone in a single day. 
People won't be able to notice that you actually put the patch on and it won't slip off for the entire day. 
However, the price is quite expensive by considering its size and volume. 
In general, the level of adhesion is strong, but the end part doesn't stick very well on curvy areas. 

The amount of time used : 11 P.M to 11 A.M (24 hours)
Conditions of the use: In a skin-care condition after washing my face
The product used for washing the face: TN AC Control Recipe Cleanser
The product used for the skin care: Lemon skin (homemade), Biotherm moisturizing cream (for oily skin)


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