Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand and Heel Cream 100ml

Etude House Hand Bouquet
Rich Butter Hand and Heel Cream 100ml


 I am an amateur mom who is completely busy taking care of her own children.  I am writing this review in my spare time because my baby went to sleep just now. Oh gosh~ I am so sad. LOL:)
I brought a review on a Hand and Heel Cream that will hopefully protect my hands that's being washed over 50 times a day and my feet that's losing its skin by the lack of vitamins, iron and calcium. The name of the product is 'Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand and Heel Cream' and it was one of the gifts that I got from my sister. I've always thought that hand creams are for the hands and foot creams are for the feet. This is the first time that I am actually using a  2 in 1 product. The container is kind of like a toothpaste.


 It is a tube-type which has mixed the indie pink with violet and the design is quite fancy with the flower designs. The product is wrapped up with vinyl and you can simple it unwrapping by taking them off. 

Volume : 100ml

The ingredients are written on the vinyl and you can just unwrap them after reading.

 It's very easy to unwrap them. 

  I personally do not like the tube-type products like this but I guess it is for those people who like such things. I simply lay it down on the table as in the picture. 

This is the size of the hole. 

It's been cut off so it's easier to open and close. What a kind consideration it is! LOL :)

First check that it is a new product by looking at the foil on the top. 

 I took the photographs in my living room because my baby began to kick me. 
You'll be able to see the white contents when you take off the foil on the top. 

  I put some on my wrinkled hands. 
The rich butter cream gives you a thick and sticky feeling. 


 It applied to the skin very well when I rubbed it with my fingers.
The cream is thick and it applies very well.
It has the smell of flower and milk and the smell lasted even after I washed my hands. 
But my little baby turned her face away from it. LOL :) 
I guess babies don't really like the smell because the smell is too strong.  LOL :)

  The absorption wasn't bad. It wasn't too slippery nor left a feeling that the cream is still there..
but it wasn't very smooth and soft as well. I can say that it was moist enough. 

 The area with the cream on and the area without it show quite a big difference.
The area with the lotion on definitely looks more smooth and moist. 

  This is my pitiful feet that is even more pitiful than my pitiful hands. 
My face and all of body are peeling off, as if a snake is slipping out of his skin.
(I wash my feet all the time.. you know..)

I tried peeling them off with a flannel, tried peeling them off with a piece of rock and and even put on the lotion that I put on my face, but it didn't help much.  Am I a reptile or something? :(


This my my feet and it does look quite bad. 
People would think that I am in my sixties just by looking at my heels. 
I am not farming or anything, but my heels are becoming thicker everyday. :(

 I applied an appropriate amount. 

The Hand and Heel Cream that gets absorbed right away! 

 This is a closer view. This is my heel and it get absorbed very well into the skin.
It would probably better if you wear sleeping socks. It's right after I put on the cream without wearing a vinyl or sleeping socks. 

 This is the side view of my feet that had been peeling off its skin.
The dead skin cells have been calmed down. I am quite sure that they'll come up again, but it should get better if I put on the cream continuously. It would be great if I can wash it very often and take them off more frequently. But I am worried that my feet would be the only place that is slim. LOL :)

  My desert-like feet has met the oasis. It become moist and smooth very quickly!

 I am quite sure that your feet will get a lot more smooth and moist when you put some cream on your feet. It really doesn't matter what sort of product that you put on. I really liked the immediate effect that it had on me and I also wanted to mention that it lasted for a long time. I am quite sure that many of you have experiences like this. You put on the foot cream on your feet and you have to turn off your gas. Then you would have to walk through your living room solely on your big toe. You finally turned off the gas but the entire living room is slippery and oily. LOL :)

Even though this is a rich cream-type, it is not too slippery or oily.
It absorbs very quickly and your skin becomes moist because it gets absorbs into the skin immediately. In fact, I tried to clean my living room while my baby was asleep, but I couldn't find any oil in the living room. So I am using this product a lot these days. Of course, I would wash my hands after using the product.. because my baby keeps on turning her head away. LOL :)


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