Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring


Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring
Golden Bronze

 You can find a lot of self-dyeing products these days and I helped my sister dye her hair because she told me that the roots of her hair had grown quite a lot. I used the Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring(Golden Bronze) to dye her hair. 

These are the components of Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring set. There are a lot of things in the package. It contained the hair colorant, an oxidizer, a medical drug, the Etude House treatment, gloves, a vinyl robe, manual and a comb. 

You can find a lot of bubble-type hair coloring product these days. I used to dye my hair with those products when I was in Japan and I was able to see these products in South Korea quite soon. I like it. :) It covers your hair completely, even those area that you cannot reach with your hands, with its micro-bubble booster technology You can dye your hair very easily simply by applying the product on your hair as if you are washing your hair with a shampoo. 

I dyed my hair according to the instructions. 

I usually used to throw away the box that used to have the colorant, but I had a purpose for this box this time. It has been made so that you can make a hole on the side. :)That hole plays the role of holding the lid of the colorant when you are pouring the hair colorant. It's really a nice thing to have. I've never seen this before LOL :)


The lid of the hair colorant is fixed, so that it doesn't move around. :)
You need to take off that fixer before you start dyeing your hair. 
Now you fix the lid on the box.

After the lid of the hair colorant had been removed

Pour the hair colorant into the oxidizer

The comparison of bubbles with other products

 Can you feel the close and fine bubbles? (The bubbles have alkali smell)
You can also try to put the bubbles on your hand like I did. 


  The colorants in bubbles come out when you press the pump with your hands. Bubbles~ bubbles! I opened it because I was curious about it.. and it wasn't a hair colorant. LOL :)
You know.. I just tried to pour it. LOL :)
* The gloves that come along with the product should only be used once. Don't use them just because they look nice. :)

 I applied the colorants on the hair evenly and washed it like I was washing my hair. :)
There was a lot of leftover because my sister's hair is quite short. So I kept on putting on the colorant on her. LOL :)


I put on the hair cap and left her alone for about 30 minutes. LOL :)
There were leftovers and I put some on the front of my hair. I stayed like that for only 10 minutes because I was worried that the color might be too dense. But to my surprise, the color didn't change at all. I guess you have to put them on for at least 30 minutes. What was good about this product is that it didn't have that stinky smell that most dyeing products had. It was because it added a delicate floral fruity fragrance to provide a mild and fragrant smell. 

Here is the before & after. 

 The color became a lot more mild. I didn't know that the roots have grown that much because I usually don't get to see the top of my sister's head because she's taller than me. LOL :)
I eventually found out by seeing the before & after photograph. :)
I guess I should always take care of the roots as well. LOL :)

Try using Etude House's Bubble Hair Color If you forgot about dyeing the roots of your hair. 

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  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.