Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude House Sun Prise Super Aqua SPF45 PA+++ 70g

Etude House Sun Prise Super Aqua SPF45 PA+++ 70g

In general, the product has a very refreshing color!
The color was so lovely!! LOL :)
And they seem to have designed the product with a lot of attention. 
I personally liked that umbrella. In general, the case was very yellowish~ LOL :)

 The level of ultraviolet rays protection was SPF 45 and this really protects almost all the ultraviolet rays! The price was also very affordable. In fact, I think it's quite cheap by considering the effects that it had. You should use them within 12 months and the moisture was something that I liked the most. I think it's better to have more moisture than oil. 

  The manufacturing date was fine.. It has been 4 months since it had been manufactured.
It's actually 2-3 months.. LOL :)

  What I really like about was the color of the lid. I really loved it LOL :)
The hole or the top was really convenient to use and it seemed very hygienic. LOL :)

Can you feel the bounciness?
It wasn't too sticky. It was a kind of texture that those who've used Etude's sunblocks before would understand. It doesn't run down and it's actually a perfect texture. :)
I really can't describe it. You'll know what I mean when you actually use it. I am sorry for not being able to explain it in words. :(

  Well.. The color is kind of like an ivory. LOL :) It's just like the picture.
Can you see enormous amount of moisture? I've only expected moisture to be in moisturizers. LOL:) You can really feel the moisture! Does it also look refreshing in the photograph?

What's a bit disappointing is that it's too shiny. It's sort of disappointing... It's a product for the students, but it could be a bit problematic if you a person who does not shiny things. :(

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