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Etude House 

The Golden Ratio Stay Small No.2

10g (0.35 oz) 36M

It is one of the products that I bought when Etude House was on 30% sale. 
The package contains the highlighter, blusher and a shading zone!  I've been using a highlighter by INNISFREE and it was a bit uncomfortable because I've been using that huge product for such a long time. :) So I did my search online and found this Etude House GOLDEN RATIO STAY SMALL No.2. Will it really provide the 'golden ratio' for me? :)


This is the back of the product.
A Zone (Highlighter):  Apply the product downwards from your forehead and the top of your nose until you reach a two third. Apply the product on the bottom your eyes. 

B Zone (Blusher): Apply the product outwards from the center of your cheeks. 

C Zone (Shading): Draw the outline of your face by applying the product along the line of your face. 

I unpacked the box.
It fits right in your hand. It's is rectangular and has a brown color. :)

open 샷!!!

 When you open it, you''ll be able to see a mirror and a brush.
What's a bit disappointing is that that brush is simply placed on the top. It isn't actually fixed to the case. It would be so much more convenient if it was fixed on the side. :)

This is the brush and it has the length of your thumb.
The wool is quite soft. I don't really use this brush because I have an extra brush set. :)

  This is the highlighter that has the word 'Golden Ratio' written on the top of the right side. 
The top on the left is the shading area and the area on the bottom is the blusher. 

  This is how the colors look like.
You really can't see the differences of the colors. 
The first is the highlighter, the second is the blusher and the third one is the shading. 


You'll be able to see the colors more clearly on this photograph.
This is the result that I got after rubbing it for over three times. 

Left: Blusher Center: Highlighter Right: Shading


1. It contains the highlighter, blusher and the shading area and it is very handy because it contains a brush. 
2. It's not artificial and it a great product if you want delicate colors.
3. You can buy them in a cheap price if you buy them during the 30% sale or buy it as a pink member. 


1. You can not experience much effects by applying it once. It produces its colors  after applying it several times. (The 'shading' is extremely light)
2. The powder flies in the air a bit. 
3. It's a bit inconvenient because the plastic lid (the lid that you place your brush) isn't fixed.


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  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.