Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Toner

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Toner


Etude Hose Moistfull Toner 150ml

It is an inexpensive toner that has a great amount of moisture.
It contains the extracts of baobab tress which are known to have outstanding moisturizing abilities. 

The container is a simple bottle and the lid is a lid that 
reminds of Etude House. LOL :)



The size isn't that big because it's only 150ml. 


First of all,  you''ll be able to see a virgin seal when you open the lid. 
The virgin seal makes me relieved.  :)

I found out that it had a very ordinary mouth when I took the virgin seal off. 
I tend to use a lot of skin and toner and I don't really like products that have small mouth like this. LOL I need to use a lot! However, it prevents the liquid from spilling! 

The test of ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Toner

This is when applied the toner on the back of my hands and it's quite watery. 

It flows down when you move your hand a bit.
It's a watery skin and has no viscosity. 

 Even though it's very watery, it has got its moisture!

You can see the tremendous amount of moisture on the back of my hands. 
It really has a lot of moisture just like its name. LOL :)

 I usually apply the toner on a cosmetic cotton. 
The cosmetic cotton in the photograph is a product of Etude House and it's really nice. :)

I applied the toner on this cotton.
I usually put more toner on it, but I only put this much because it didn't come out very easily. LOL :)

I'll first show you my face after having applied the toner. 
I applied the toner on my bare face. (I am sorry about my dirty skin.. I've been working late quite often recently LOL)

There was so much dirt after all!!
The photograph doesn't show much dirt, but it was really dirty. So much dirty came off even though I've just washed my face! LOL :) We should definitely wash our faces with the toner after washing the face. LOL :)

My personal evaluation of ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Toner

First of all, this skin was a lot more moist than 'Wonder Pore Freshener'. 
It was such a good buy because I tend to prefer watery toners more than those toners that are sticky. And I can use it as much as I want because it isn't very expensive! I am willing to use this  Moistfull Collagen Toner during autumn and winter instead of Woner Pore Freshener. It was a toner that I was greatly satisfied with by considering its price. :)

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