Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude house My Dear blooming pact SPF30

Etude house My Dear blooming pact SPF30

This is the pact that I bought at Etude. 
I am only carrying the Dear My Blooming Pact these days. LOL :)

The ribbon button is also very cute! LOL :)

The one that I bought was no.1 light beige. The product has two types, no.1 and no.2.


The puff is also very pretty with the lace.
Etude never disappoints me!

 The pact looks like a heart.
I've been using this a lot, but that heart design didn't erase! I like it!

 There is a bit of difference in the color.
You won't be able to see huge difference in the color if you have a white skin.
You know.. I am not that white.. LOL
Anyway, I would definitely buy this again and this is a pact that I like the most among many other products that I've used until this day. 



Click here to purchase the product.

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