Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude House Missing U Sleeping Pack Bee Happy

Etude House Missing U Sleeping Pack Bee Happy 100ml

This is a sleeping pack in the Missing U line of products that has been released together with the Missing U Hand Cream two months ago. :) I had to choice between a wash-off pack and a sleeping pack for the activities that I've worked for as an Etude pink bird and I chose this sleeping pack.

The reason why I chose this product is simply because these Missing U packs had honey extracts in it and I wanted to compare them with the canola honey pack of INNISFREE. 


The yellow and black pattern is something I comes into my mind when I think about bees. Am I the only one who's thinking like this? LOL :) Etude Missing U Sleeping Pack is in a pot that looks like a traditional top and entire body of the case is transparent except for the lid. It has reflected the characteristics of honeybees very well through a pattern of stripes in dark brown. LOL :)

There is a seal on the bottom that describes the product overview. You all know that Bee Happy  series and Missing U series are products that support the campaigns for endangered species, right? I hope a lot of people buy this product. LOL

 Etude Missing U Sleeping Pack is literally a sleeping pack and all you have to do it put them on your face before you go to sleep. I really love sleeping packs because I don't have to wipe them off in the middle or anything. I threw away many wash-off packs because it was so annoyed by having to wash them off. So I had been using peel-off packs or mask when I went to sleep, but people told me that it's not very good for your skin. They told me that I shouldn't put the masks longer than I'm supposed to. So I just use a sleeping pack these days because it's quite annoying to be watching the clock all the time while doing a pack. LOL :)


  You should be able to see the ingredients, such as glycerin, honey extract and etc. 
There is ethanol in this thingy. Isn't this alcohol?  LOL :) I am not quite sure whether this is alcohol or not because I don't know very much about ingredients. I felt that the ingredients are flying away more. Perhaps it's because I saw that there in ethanol in it. 


  You'll be able to see a thin film on the top when you open the lid. 
I would have simply took off the film in usual circumstances, but I didn't take it off this time because the cream was still full and I was worried that it might make the lid dirty. I'll be throwing away the film after using it for some time. It's quite annoying because it's very thin. LOL :)

  INNISFREE's Canola honey Pack was more of a honey-color, but Etude Missing U Sleeping Pack is more like a lemon cream color. Perhaps it is because the main ingredients aren't 'honey'. 

 It's a gel-type and the cream is full in the container. The cream sort of leaned to one side because I've been storing it in a box for a long time. 

  I shoved some cream and it was a too much. LOL :)
Missing U Sleeping Pack is a sticky gel-type and the color remains the same after you shove it.
I can say that the color is in between lemon and custard cream. LOL :)

It's very mushy because I put to much. LOL :)

 Ah~ My hands became so wet!
The cream didn't have a really good balance between oiliness and moisture. 
I think there is more moisture in it.

  This is after all the cream had been absorbed!
The moisture on the outer layers flies away. But it's not like they evaporate completely.
The back of my hands was very moist and soft after I applied them. However, I think it wouldn't be that satisfactory for those people who have dry skin. As I've said before, it's not a sleep pack that has a good balance of oil and moisture. It's rather a sleeping pack that has more moisture.

My entire body is extremely dry these days because of the dry weather.
I put on a lot of moisturizing cream on my body these days because I wear stockings and leggings on my skirts a lot. My legs felt much more comfortable when I put on the Etude House Missing U Sleeping Pack on my legs before I went sleep. I would probably using the cream too much in this way, but I think it's a pretty good cream to be used as a body cream as well. 


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