Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etude House Oh My Lash

Etude House Oh My Lash


Did you know that this product was actually released as one of the series of Oh My Lash?
I will be writing a review on Etude House Oh My Lash No.6. It is a must-have item that creates a coating layer and also makes a transparent mascara. Let us see the details. LOL 

Let's take a look a the front and the back first. It's very handy and fits right in your hand. 
You can find out the exact size on the website above. 


This transparent mascara has a multi-function. :)


Black Cascara Top coating + Transparent Mascara = Oh My Lash Transparent Mascara

The first function that this product has is the function of top coating. My eyelashes were much more shiny and pretty when I applied this after doing my mascara. The second function is the transparent mascara. I can't really put on a mascara because I am still a student. But I can still use this transparent mascara. It doesn't make a world of difference because it's a transparent mascara, but it does roll up your eyelashes and make your eyelashes moist~


The product is a blue gel-type. I really like the transparency because I can see how much is left inside. Please do not think that it will produce blue color.. LOL. It's transparent! 


The photograph on the left is before I took out the stick and the photograph on the right is the stick and the container after taking it out. 

As you can see in the photograph, the blue gel is only on the brush. So it's quite convenient and I guess there was nothing more special about it. 


There is the gen strainer. 


And this strainer prevented the gel from being wasted. A lot of gel would be wasted if it didn't have that strainer. The strainer was really good. :)

평 & 별점




I do not have the photographs of the product that's been applied to my skin. It's because I didn't see much of a difference. :( However, the product played its roles quite well! I think it's a really good transparent mascara that can be used by students. I am also using it at school! LOL
The price is very cheap and I think you should also have one to cover the areas that cannot be covered by a mascara. It's product that I strongly recommend. 


Recommended for people like these

1. Students who don't want their mascaras to stand out. 
2. Those who want to provide vitality and moisture on their eyelashes after drying the mascara. 
3. Those who need top coating after doing the mascara.
4. Who who are looking for inexpensive mascara.

Not recommended for people like these

1. Those who are looking for a mascara that has outstanding effects. 
2. Those who are looking for a mascara top coat which solely plays the role of top coating.  

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