Monday, January 28, 2013

Missha Best Of Best!! M Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml

Missha Best Of Best!! M Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml

Today, I would like to write a review on the so called 'Red BB cream' by Missah. 

I've been quite a while since I took the photographs and I am writing this review because I do not want to waste my photographs. LOL

Missha Best Of Best!! M Perfect Cover BB Cream
It's a red tube-type BB cream. :)

I am sure that those people who've read my reviews know that

I cannot use a single product for a long time. LOL

But I've already used three of this by now!

Shall we take a look at it?

I am currently using no.21~

It has outstanding covering capabilities and also provides ultraviolet protection,

for it is a BB cream. 

It's a pumping-type product in this tube. 
What's good about tube-type products is that you don't get to waste the cream when there is only a tiny bit left because you place the product upside down. 

I usually use a scissor to cut the product in half without any hesitation and use the cream when there is only a bit left inside. LOL

I am such a frugal woman. :)

You can apply the cream on your entire face with the amount that comes out by simply pressing the lid once. 

I usually apply the cream on the back of my hands and use a cotton bud to place the cream on my face and put the rest of the cream on my hand on my dark circles or blemishes that stand out a lot. 

This is my bare hand.
My hand is pretty white in the overall sense. 
You can see the blood vessels on the back of my hand.

I usually apply the product on the back of my hand when running the tests. 

The photograph is a bit out of focus.  LOL

The BB cream doesn't smell very dense or anything.

I squeezed out the BB cream on the back of my hand and 

rubbed it like this. 

<전> <Before>                                                                                <후> <After>

Can you see?
Most of the blood vessels have been concealed and my hand has become a lot brighter~

The BB cream usually doesn't really match on my face because I have a dry face,

but this BB cream was pretty nice because I can simply get rid of the oil with a powder. 

The product description is written on the back~
It has outstanding effects, such as protection against ultraviolet rays, whitening effects and the enhancement of wrinkles!

It is a BB cream that has all of those three functions!

and it's no surprise that am fond of it.