Monday, January 28, 2013

Missha Signature Real Complete BB

Missha Signature Real Complete BB

Today, I would like to write a review on a BB cream that I've recently received as a gift!
I am getting a lot of BB creams recently and i am not quite sure whether i can finish using them within the expiration date. However, I was very happy to have this product because it was actually a quite famous product. Anyway, I'll begin my review on Missha Signature Real Complete BB~

This is the famous Missha Signature Real Complete BB. 
Missha's BB creams are famous to the point that it is recognized as the 'red BB cream''.
But this is not the 'red one'. It's a BB cream that has added the wrinkle and moisture function. It is called the Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream. 

I've realized that the BB cream that I received as a gift was supposed to be a product that should be shipped to Japan! LOL I don't know any Japanese there was no way for me to understand what the description on the back said!
I've heard that Missha's BB creams are also very famous in Japan!

First of all, I really like the luxurious case of this BB cream.
Most of Missha's Signature series had pretty designs. 
The flowers look very pretty and the luxurious colors are also very awesome!

The product description was in Japanese. 
The only two things that I've understood were its volume(40)g and that it's a SPF 25!
I wonder how Missha's BB cream is like~!
In fact, this is the first time that I am using Missha's BB cream!

There is a protection cover lid in the front.
It's really good because I tend to put down the lid first and also because I can use it thoroughly. 

You'll be able to see the holes like these when you open the lid.
I really like it because you can use the exact amount that you want. 
There are times when a lot of amount comes out and I hate that. 
But I really like Missha's M Signature BB Cream because it has smaller holes!

It is a pumping-type product and
the right amount comes out when you pressed it hard like this~!!

This is the viscosity test of Missha Signature Real Complete BB. 
This was the first time for me to use this product and what was surprising to me was that
it was very watery! It had a lot of moisture and it gave me a feeling that it would apply very well on the skin. 

Now, we'll look at the covering capabilities of this product. 
Perhaps there is no need to do this because Missha's BB creams are known as the best among cheap BB creams, but this is a M signature version, not the 'red' BB cream. 
I will apply the red lipstick and draw dots and freckles with an eyeliner too see how well it covers!

I've applied the BB cream on the back of my hand like this.
I am really curious about its covering capabilities!

I tapped the cream gently into the skin. 
Now I know why people are always talking about Missha's BB creams!
It applies extremely well on the skin because it's definitely a cream that is watery!
And it stuck on to the skin so well!

As you can see...
The mark that drew with a lipstick had disappeared!!
And the black lines that drew with an eyeliner also fainted away. 
Isn't the overall tone correction also pretty good? 
It is very natural and I would like give five stars for its covering capabilities!!

At last, I'll test the stickiness, which I personally believe is one of the most important factors during summer. 

The sticky BB creams that erase very easily are not very attractive~

Rub the hand with the BB cream on.
How much oil would it have?
Let's see!

The covering capabilities were good and it wasn't very sticky as well!
But what was a bit disappointing was that it had a bit of darkening effects.  :(
The skin became a bit dark after an entire day. But as you already know, most BB creams have such darkening effects. LOL
So I think those people who have combination or oily skin will like this product more than those who have dry skin~

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  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.

  2. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  3. Shipping was faster than I think.