Monday, January 28, 2013

Missha Choboyang Oriental Herb BB Cream 50ml PA++

Missha Choboyang Oriental Herb BB Cream 50ml PA++

I've been using HANSKIN's products for BB creams recently.

I've tried out the road shop samples and I found out that there were several great products.
This is also a product that I bought after trying it out because I really liked the samples. 
The name of this product is 'Missha Choboyang Oriental Herb BB Cream'.  :)

Missha Choboyang Oriental Herb BB Cream SPF30, PA++ No1 Delicate light / 50 ml

The BB cream of the oriental herb series. 

They say that it's a BB cream that's really good for your skin because
it contains various oriental herbs, such as ginseng, pure gold, cordyceps militaris, 
and deer antlers. I was not able to really smell the oriental herbs,
but some people told me that it smelled like oriental herbs. 
I just want you to take this in mind if you are one of those people who are extremely 
sensitive to smells. :)

'Missha Choboyang Oriental Herb BB Cream' is a tube-type cream. 

What is the texture like?

I bought no.1 and it wasn't too watery nor too thick. 

I guess I can say that it's in between watery and thick. 
It's a good product for people like me because it doesn't have that much oil
and also because it has a refreshing finish. 
I can say that it lasts long and has outstanding covering capabilities
because it's not very watery. 

How are the covering capabilities and the level of adhesion?

The product's covering capability is the reason why I am recommending this BB cream.

Can you see how it had covered my dots when I I applied it on my bare hands?
It also covers your pores very well. 
That's something that I really liked about. It makes your skin look very shiny and healthy.
People often told me that my skin was good whenever I put on this BB cream.
It sticks on to your skin very well and it also makes your skin look very healthy.
 I am loving it. :)

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!