Monday, January 28, 2013

Missha M BB Boomer 40ml

Missha M BB Boomer 40ml

I brought the review of Missha M BB Boomer. 

I am writing this review so that it can be a bit of help to you when buying this product. :)

In fact, it's been quite a while since I bought this Missha M BB Boomer. I am finally writing the review. LOL
Missha M BB Boomer is a product that you use before applying the BB cream. 
So the order should be like this. 
Basic cosmetics -> sun cream base -> BB Bommer -> BB cream
It's a product that helps BB cream to be absorbed and also a product that helps to enhance the level of adhesion for BB cream and brightness. 
Let's go into the details now. 

The product box is light pink.

It was really cute because it was small. :)

I opened the box and took out the prodcut.
There is a BB remover that has the same color like the box.
It's tube-type, not a pumping-type. 

This is the photograph of the product alone. 

It's Missha M BB Boomer that's in a light in box. :)
As you can see, it's very small. 

This is the back of the product.

Please don't forget to check the expiration date on the very top.
You should also read the instruction well. :)

I took a closeup picture  because I was worried that you might not be able to see the picture above very clearly.  Missha M BB Boomer that helps to enhance the level of adhesion for BB creams and the brightness of the skin. The product is also known to enhance your wrinkles and have outstanding whitening effects as well.  :)

I held the product in one hand to show you how big it is. 
It fits right in your hand and it's also very light. :)
You should be able to carry it around!

I squeezed some out by opening the lid.
I didn't squeeze much because it's a smooth cream and also because I was worried that too much would come out. LOL

Review on Missha M BB Boomer 

I will use the product for real now.
I squeezed the BB boomer on the back of my hands. 
It looks white in the photograph, 
but it's actually a bit pink and has the color of pearls. 

I rubbed the cream on the back of my hands.
It was really smooth and it applied to the skin very lightly. 

I tapped it very gently and applied it on the skin evenly.
Can you see the pearls in it?
The pink color and the color of pearls makes your skin even more bright. 

I took a closeup photograph to show you the colors of the pearl in more detail.

I am sure that you can see the colors of the pearls very well. :)
It shines very delicately and I really like it!
It smelled like ordinary cosmetics and I think it lasted for quite a long time. 

[The evaluation of Missha M BB Boomer]

Intentions for buying it again ★★★★☆

The skin definitely become brighter when I applied the BB Boomer. 

I highly recommend that you mix the BB Boomer and the BB cream rather than using them separately. I mixed the BB mover with no.23 pearl BB and the dark BB became so much brighter. The skin absorbed the product better. But if you are using a bright color of BB creams, I do not encourage you to mix it with BB Boomer. (You may look like a ghost LOL)
I really do hope that you make your skin bright with this BB Boomer. :)

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  1. definitely worth the money. It has a bit of fragrance that is not overpowering when you use it.