Thursday, January 24, 2013

MISSHA Near Skin Neuro-Age Revital Filler Ampoule

MISSHA Near Skin Neuro-Age
Revital Filler Ampoule 100 30ml

MISSHA Near Skin Neuro-Age Revital Filler Ampoule 100

Wrinkle enhancement / Dual-whitening functional cosmetics

Main ingredients: 30% neuro peptide complex, 20% multivitamin complex 20%, 100% lime water (instead of water)

How to use: Drop 2-3 drops on your face after applying the skin, apply the drops on your entire face in a thin layer and absorb them deeply into the skin by covering your face with your hands. 
Tip: You'll be able to feel the supplementary effects of nutrition by mixing the the product with an essence or a cream. 

The box is dazzling~
It cannot see the words....


I thought that the bottle would be yellow because the description said that it contained vitamins. But it was a green bottle!

The bottle looks kind of big for a 30ml...
Is the glass thick?

The expiration date is good enough for me. 

I double checked the expiration date on the box. :)


I took out the dropper, which is also a lid as well. 

What? LOL
I was kind of surprised to see the non-transparent liquid.
Maybe it's because I've only used oil products that were in bottles like this. 


Ah~ It sort of felt like your nose or like a lotion.
The texture was sort of like an essence and a lotion mixed together. 


The viscosity was very sticky. 
It looks transparent, but it's actually translucent. It's not like completely watery. 


It looks transparent, but I cannot see the lines on my palm!


I put some on the back of my hand.
I only dropped one drop because it's expensive. LOL


I am applying it. 

I am rubbing it into my skin.
It has evaporated lightly and I was able to feel the refreshing smell of lemon.

 It had been absorbed very well. :)
I check it out once again after quite some time and it was as if the gap in between the wrinkles had been filled in with a coated layer. 

I am planning to use this product after applying the skin because it is known to have whitening effects. :) 
I like the smell and also how it applies very well on the skin.
I really like this product because it has such a refreshing finish when there are so many 
products out there in the market that are merely oily on the outer surface of the skin,


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