Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Corrector

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Corrector


THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Corrector (New Clean Face Spot Corrector)
Volume / 15ml

(The name of the product is 'New Clean Face' on their website, but I think it's usually called as the 'Clean Face'.)

I stopped buying spot a corrector because my pimples became worse when I used a different product, but I bought this one right away because I've heard people say that the spot corrector of The Face Shop is very effective and cheap! 

It was wrapped up like this and I had trouble opening it. :(
I am actually really good at opening things like this.. but this wasn't easy!

The design looks quite simple and it doesn't seem to have any unnecessary things!
I really like how they stamped their logo ~ 

The instructions and the ingredients are written on the back~
Unlike many other products, you had to use this product before the skin(toner) and you had to apply the lotion afterwards!

I tried out the product and I realized that it played the role of an essence because it was a bit more watery than other products. 

Like many other spot correctors, this product was also a type can that be used by turning the lid. It's very easy to open and close the lid and the amount can be controlled with much convenience!

I tried some on the back of my hands!!

The texture was sort of in between an essence and a spot corrector. It was moist and it applied to the skin very well. 

Watch your eyes

Oh.. This is the truth of my forehead that's been hidden under my bangs. :(
There are so many oily pimples..  :(

The 'before' is when I didn't apply the product and the 'after' is after using the product for several days! Keep in mind that the 'after' picture isn't the condition right after applying the product!

In fact, I didn't use this product consistently. :(
But the red pimples calmed down after a few days . 

The spot corrector did help to calm my pimples down,
but I think my skin became better because I've sleeping very well these days. LOL

General review / It's cheap and it's more effective than most pimple correctors!
I was not able to find any disadvantages and it was really refreshing after use~!


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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  2. How much does it cost in pesos?thanks