Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Face Shop FLEBOTE COLLAGENIC XP V-Lifting Control Massage Cream

The Face Shop FLEBOTE COLLAGENIC XP V-Lifting Control Massage Cream


It's a massage cream that revitalizes the dark and loose skin into a lively and flexible skin!
The patented collagen liposome is known to make the skin flexible and provide nutrition. 
Also, it helps to create a smooth skin by caring the old dead skin cells with mildness and 
the lupin extracts and pytho-omegasome present a clean and clear skin to you. 

[How to use]
Wash your face, apply the appropriate amount on your entire face
 except your eyes and mouth and give a gentle massage. 
Clean your face with warm water
when the old dead skin cells smoothly come off from your skin. 


There is the orange-colored cream 
when you open this huge purple case!


The creamy cream with much oil.

 I rubbed with very hard as if I was giving a massage.
I was able to smell the sweat smell of flowers while doing the massage. 
I rubbed it in the direction of my skin 
and the dead skin cells smoothly came off. 
The skin was glittering like crazy. LOL

I simply washed it off with warm water after the massage. 
The skin became really moist and smooth. :)

I think you should put on the basic cosmetics after washing your face. 
A moisturizing cream would do. :)
(My skin is close to a dry skin)

The price of the product was very cheap by looking at its size 
and everything else was good.. 
But it's kind of annoying that I have to wash my face afterwards. 

I personally thought that it would be a great product to use
after doing the peeling because it would get rid of the dryness and
the hidden dead skin cells. :)

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  1. Natural!! This product is great! It not only makes your skin appear smoother