Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The face shop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

The face shop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

Concealers are very important to me because of the dark circles. 
I not only have dark circles, but I also have a lot of wrinkles on the bottom. :(
The dark circles and wrinkles have become even worse.. Maybe's it's because I rubbed my eyes all the time. Meanwhile, I tried out the 'The Face Shop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil', which is a product that was ranked on the first at Get-It-Beuty because I was curious about it. 
I was expecting it to reduce my wrinkles and hide my dark circles as much as possible!

 This is The Face Shop's  Face It Radiance Dual Veil Concealer.
I bought it at a 20% discount because I bought it during a sale a few days ago. 

It can be used for about 18 months after unsealing and
I guess it's a fairly new product because it's been manufactured on February 27, 2012. 
NB21 is the color that I bought.
There are three colors for the product, which are NB17, 21 and 23. Those who have brighter skin can use 17 and those who have darker skin can use 23. 

 As you may know from its name, this concealer is in two types. 
One side is solid and the other side is liquid.
The solid-type can be used when you want to hide the spots and 
the liquid-type can be used when you want to cover the wider areas.
Apply the product on the areas that you want to conceal and spread it so that it doesn't create borders. 


I'll show you the solid-type first.
It looks really pretty like a lipstick.
You can simply turn it to take it out. 

I've concealed the dot on the back of my hands with the solid-type concealer. 
The photograph in the middle is when I've reapplied the product
and the photograph on the very right is when I've reapplied the product twice.
The dot was covered almost perfectly. I personally liked the covering capabilities of this product. 

The second is the liquid concealer. 
One of the disadvantages is that it stains the edge when you are taking it out
and putting it in. 

I've covered the dot on the back of my hands. 
You must spread the cream because it's much thicker than the solid concealer. 
Or else it creates borders and you won't be able to do good make-up on the top. 

I've compared the liquid-type and the solid-type.
The one on the top is the solid-type and the one on the bottom is the liquid-type.
The liquid-type had a brighter color and it also applied to the skin more thickly. 
You should probably want to avoid applying the solid-type on dry areas
because they tend to bring the wrinkles into attention. 

I've tried applying the product on the face. 
The areas that I am going to concentrate on are the dots and the dark circles. 
Liquid-type may be more suitable for the dark circles, but I wanted to test how much liquid-type brought my wrinkles into attention. So I used the liquid-type for covering the dark circles and used the liquid-type for covering the dots. 

The photograph on the left is when I've even applied the moisturizing cream.
The photograph in the middle is when I've applied the concealer on my dark circles and dots. At last, the photograph on the very right is when I've applied the BB cream on top of concealer. 

As you can see in the photograph, the wrinkles on the bottom of my eyes have not been brought into attention. However, it didn't cover much of my dark circles. Perhaps it was because I applied it very lightly. But I want you to consider that my dark circles are darker than the dark circles of ordinary people. I was quite satisfied with the covering capabilities of the liquid-type. I think it was a fairly good product with an affordable price. 
It should be also good for light cosmetics because it doesn't feel very heavy. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  2. Thank you for the review! I ordered mine online and will receive it next month. :) I ordered mine a shade lighter since it'll help to cover red spots more :)