Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The face shop Face It Water Proof BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++

The face shop Face It
Water Proof BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 


The Face Shop Face It Water Proof BB Cream (SPF50+ PA+++)

SPF refers to the time of duration and PA refers to the level of protection for ultraviolet rays. +++ The three pluses refer to the product with the most stable and safe functions. 


It has an affordable price with a good volume of 50ml. 
It's a shaking BB cream that does not get affected by sweat, water or sebum. 
I bought no.2 natural beige because I do not have a white skin. 


Warnings of this product
You must not squeeze the product too hard because it's a watery liquid-type product~!!


It is written with confidence that it's a waterproof BB.


It's very small and it fits right in your hand. 


Gently shake the cream 3-5 times, apply & spread the cream and gently tap the cream until it gets absorbed. 


You should be careful because even the new product doesn't have a seal on top of the lid. 

There is this marble(?) inside and
it makes a sound like the correction fluid when you shake it. LOL


Oh~! It's really watery. 


Can you see how watery it is?

Just in case you cannot see them, I'll show you a different photograph of my arms. LOL


It reminded me of a mosquito repellent while applying this.
I don't know if they still have it or not, but I used to put on a mosquito repellent
that had the same color with this product. LOL

Let me try it on my arms~ LOL

I put the cream on the dot 
because I wanted to see how well it covered. LOL

I didn't cover up perfectly, but I cannot say that it has no covering capabilities. LOL

I put some on the back of my hand because the resolution is really poor. 
(I don't have the guts to show my face. It's really embarrassing LOL)


It's not that bright or anything because it's not a BB cream with a bright color, 
but I think it applies quite naturally. LOL

It has a delicate smell 
and it applies very well on the skin. 

Even though I didn't upload the photographs here, 
I must tell you that it didn't make my skin white or get washed off. LL

I think Face It Water Proof BB Cream is a fairly good item for playing in the water. 

I certainly think everyone should buy one~ LOL

Click here to purchase the product.



  1. You laugh a lot in your posts. LOL


  2. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.

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