Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The face shop Lovely Meex BB Cream SPF20 PA++ 40ml

The face shop Lovely Meex BB Cream SPF20 PA++ 40ml

A skin of a baby angel that is smooth and transparent as if you have no make-ups on? LOL
It corrects your skin brightly and prevents the troubles on your face.
You also have to apply the sun cream because the level of protection is merely 20 even though it's a functional cosmetics for protecting your skin against ultraviolet rays. LOL


It has a very great design~ LOL I bought this about two months ago.
 I didn't used to put on the BB cream and this is the first BB cream that I've bought. 
I have a dry skin and it makes my skin smooth when I apply this!!


It comes right into your hand because it's fairly long. 
I really liked this product because it prevented my skin troubles and also because it was very mild. LOL It doesn't make you look like you've actually used a BB cream and it also corrects your skin tone. 

 I squeeze the cream on my hand. LOL It's brown.
This BB cream is really watery and it applies to the skin very well!


The photograph on the right is the hand that has applied the cream and the photograph on the left is my bare hand. The photograph on the right has definitely become brighter. LOL
You can see the brightness when you actually see it.


I don't usually use the BB cream, but I only use it when I am going downtown.  You know how BB creams hurt your skin.. and I am still a teenager! I bought this by saving my allowance. The best thing about this product is that it is really cheap! It's only 5,900 KRW. 
I put on the BB cream one day and my friend didn't even know that I put on the BB cream. LOL But I don't really recommend this because it doesn't cover up that well!
It doesn't make your skin that white or anything.. but it's pretty good because it smells good and it's very soft and creamy. LOL 
I highly recommend it for students~!!

Price ★★★★★ 

How long does it last ★★★ Not too long
Smell ★★★ A pure smell(?)
How well it applies to the skin ★★★★ It applies very well


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