Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher

[The Face Shop] Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher - No.05 Vivid Peach
Volume: 7g

- A cushion blusher with a lovely puff and a paper case. 

I would like to introduce the famous 'The Face Shop Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher' today!
A lot of people are using this product because it has such a cute and adorable puff and case~


The  cylindrical Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher in a paper box
I used the vivid peach color!
I really like the Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher because the case itself has colors 
and it's very easy to be spotted!
It's also very cute!


I like it even more because it's really small and also because it fits right in your hand~

There is thin film and a soft puff on the top! LOL

 This is when I rubbed my skin with the puff!
It's critical that you control the amount because a lot comes out very easily!

The orange-apricot color~ LOL

It has a strong apricot color and it tends to turn your cheek into a cheek of a young girl!
As you can see, the powder doesn't really fly in the air because the particles are very fine are it comes out very well on the puff~


I applied the blusher on both of my cheeks widely!


The Face Shop Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher turns your cheeks into cheeks of a young girl!!
I guess there is a reason why so many people like this product!

It is highly recommended for those people who want clear expression of colors 
because the colors come out extremely well and also because it expresses the apricot color very well! Also, it's a great product for those who cannot control the amount very well because the colors are very light~
(But be careful of other colors because they can turn you into a burning sweet-potato!)
I would like to strongly recommend this The Face Shop Lovely Meex Cushion Blusher that I was extremely satisfied with because it's very portable and convenient. 

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price