Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

It looks like I haven't written my review for quite a while. I brought a review on a cleansing foam today!! This is actually not a product that I bought. I've been only purchasing the Tears Powder from them and I forgot about joining their site. I've actually bought a lot from them. 
So I joined their website and they gave me this as a gift. 
I think it's a perfect product for travelling because it's very small. 
I don't really like moving around because it's cold.. 
but try to move around as much as possible because 
I want to get my energy back. 
I'm moving around a lot these days because I want to get back the energy that has somehow evaporated in my life. 
What about you guys?

'The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam' looks very simple and serious. 
Isn't it quite similar with the image of The Face Shop?

 The instructions and the product description are written on the back. 

It's a perfect size for traveling because it fits right in your hand. :)

This is the virgin seal that proves that it's a new product! LOL
(I couldn't think of the word 'virgin seal' and my brother next to me told me that it's the peel..)

Most of the cleansing foams are tube-type products. 
Tube-type products are definitely more convenient, but 
it's kind of discomforting when the lid becomes dirty because it's a product for cleansing. 
I hate it when water goes in when I place it on the washstand. 

I applied the eyebrow, shine gold beam (which is no longer in the market) and mascara 
from the left for a cleansing test!


I squeezed out the cream on the back of my hand and put some water on it. 
The cleansing foams that I've used before had a lot of bubbles in comparison to the amount that  I've squeezed out, but this product didn't create that much bubbles. 
That probably means cleansing is a lot easier, right?

My hand looks very clean in the photograph,
but I actually rubbed my hands several times. 
I'll just move on to the next part because it seems like this is not very good product for 
cleansing those products that stick on to the skin like BB creams! 

Cleansing ★★

The cleansing effects wasn't as good as I've expected. You would have to clean your face very carefully and it's not really recommended for cleansing products that stick on to the skin very well. (Such as BB creams, etc.)

Foam/bubbles ★★★

It's a product that doesn't create much foam/bubbles. Even though you can choose it according to your preference, but you'll be able to wash your face more easily because there's not much foam. 

Fragrance ★★★

The fragrance was a very cozy. 
It sort of smelled like grains.. It's definitely not an uncomfortable smell!

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