Thursday, January 31, 2013

The face shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream

The face shop Lovely Meex
Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream

It's such an adorable product. :) LOL

The name of this product is 'The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream'. (No.3) It has a white floral smell. 


As you can see it in the photograph, this product is very small!
But it is kind of big for your pouch. 
I usually carry it around in my backpack~


This is how the back looks like. :)
'Please see the back of the label for more details'


Warnings for the use

Please stop using this product If you are getting red blotches or feeling itchy after using this product! Because your skin is important~

You cannot see it in the photograph, but you'll be able to see a vinyl cover when you open the product. I took a picture of it, but I threw it away because it didn't come out very well. LOL
The reason why mine is kind of empty is because I used it several times. 
The new product is filled with this cream up to the vinyl cover!

But this vinyl cover is sort of inconvenient. 
The cream touches the cover when you shake it hard...
Well.. I guess it's not that inconvenient. 
I can simply use the cream that on the cover. :)


The before & after does make a quite a bit of difference, right?
It goes into the skin very moistly as you apply it on the back of your hands. 
Other product were a bit sticky, but this 'Mini Pet Hand Cream' was definitely less stickier. 
I think I am going to be using this product a lot. 

 This hand cream has four types ~
1. Baby Powder - The smooth smell of a baby powder!
2. Sweet Fruits - The sweet smell of mangoes!
3. White Floral - The distinctive smell of flowers!
4. Fruity Floral - The delicate smell of fruits!

You do not have to carry around your perfumes anymore because it has the perfume function and enables you to have a good fragrance for a long time. I wanna go on a date with my boyfriend with this delicate smell on instead of putting on a dense perfume. 
If you don't have a boyfriend, it still enhances your charms with the good smell!
You can place the empty case on your table or your bookshelf after finish using it and
I am sure that it can be a cute decoration. LOL
I highly recommend it for those people who love cute things and also for those who have dry hands. 

Click here to purchase the product.


  1. definitely worth the money. It has a bit of fragrance that is not overpowering when you use it.