Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE FACE SHOP New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel Oil

Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel Oil



The product that I am going to review about today is 'THE FACE SHOP New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel Oil'.  
It's a product that I got for my birthday and I am writing my review after all these time. 
It's a bit smaller than my palm lengthwise and it's half the size of my hand in width!
I took this photograph at home even without taking off the cover!


Left - The photograph with the flash off. Right - The photograph with the flash on
This is a photograph that I took right after taking off the seal. I was not able to understand the descriptions written in English. All I understood was the words 'Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel Oil' that was written in Korea. LOL It wasn't rough and it was smooth! And the lid opens very well! It had a light mint color.. It was sort of like light sky-blue mixed with light mint. 

I took a photograph of its back! It's kind of hard to read the descriptions because it's too far away! So I'll write it down for you. 
*It says that the oil which contains the volcanic clay of New Zealand and fine scrubs cares the rough blackheads and dead skin cells and it also says that it's a gel-type oil that makes your skin smooth. It says that it contain about 30mg of volcanic clay of New Zealand!
The way to use it is you massage your face without water and then wash it off it warm water!

 This is when I squeezed the product on my hand! I usually put this much on my nose because I have some blackheads near my nose!
The transparent cream contains fine scrubs!
I don't whether they are really from New Zealand, but those fine grains and gel massages your skin~

You cannot really see them even with the flash on. :(
And the product smells cool and it makes you feel like you are being cleansed! LOL
I'll now put it on mu face! Here comes my nose.. 

This is my nose before applying the product! LOL I also uploaded the photograph of my nose before applying the product so that you may be able to easily compare the differences. 


You know the area that close to the cheek..
I usually get a lot of blackheads on the bridge of my nose and at the end of my nose. 
And this is a photograph of myself doing a massage there!
It a kind of gel oil that's similar to liquid and it's also glitters a lot. LOL I am sorry for the photograph that is a bit out of focus. 
You know.. I am working hard on my massage... LOL

 This is the before and after applying the product!
I felt very clean and neat after using the product.. It's just a feeling.
I got this as a birthday gift and I usually use it three to four times a week.
I am a bit disappointed because it didn't see much of a difference. :(
But I am sure that it will get better when I use it continuously!
I'll be using it very hard during my vacation. I really wish to say goodbye to those blackheads. :(


1. It smells good
2. It is effective when you use it continuously.


1. I didn't see much of a difference yet. 

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!

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