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VOV Apple Bol Creamy Blusher

VOV Apple Bol Creamy Blusher 8.7g

 The products that I am going to have talk about this time are Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1 Creamy Apple Ricot and Creamly Apple Pink No.2. For blushers, I've been using ordinary blushers that have been powder-processed and never used the cream blushers before. Anyway, this Apple Bol Creamy Dome Blusher by VOV made me to cast my prejudices that cream blushers are oily and uncomfortable. Anyway, let me begin my review on Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1, Creamy Apple Ricot and Creamly Apple Pink No.2.

[VOV] Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1 Creamy Apple Ricot and Creamly Apple Pink No.2
Volume: 8.7g
Manufacturer: Cosmax

① The view of Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1 Creamy Apple Ricot and Creamly Apple Pink No.2


The case of the collection is a package in an ivory background with the design of high boots. It's look very appropriate and cute for summer. You will be able to see the color and the names because the top and the bottom are made of transparent films. Also, the product description, ingredients and characteristics are on the sides and the back in much detail. 


Impressively enough, Apple Bol Creamy Dome Blusher is a beautiful shape of a dome.
It kind of looks like the shape of an ice-cream at a glance. It is very lovely and cute design.
However, it's a bit disappointing because the plastic lid on the top is a bit loose.
I would be so much better if the plastic lid is tighter. Anyway, the product is so much adorable. I could in glance that It is a smooth cream-type blusher. It rather looks a bit hard to be called as a cream blusher. I touched the cream with my finger and it had an extremely creamy and powdery finish. I personally like the beautiful coral color of this product. 

 ② The colors of Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1 Creamy Apple Ricot and Creamly Apple Pink No.2


I applied the Apple Bol Creamy Dome Blusher on my arms by scrubbing the entire case.
The color was very clear and it had a beautiful combination of coral+peach and the pink color of the strawberry milk. I thought that it would have much oil, but it rather had a powdery finish. I personally like this point. It's because it won't last long if it is too oily. Anyway, the color was quite nice and I must say that it's a pretty good coral & pink cream blusher that has a powdery touch. 


I did the waterproof test. 
The blusher didn't erase at all in the flowing water and it remained as it is. 
It is a product with a perfect water proof function. 
I am quite amazed by this. LOL :)


I applied the blusher on a piece of paper and the color comes out very clearly. 
Anyway, it looks like the coral color will suit very well for those people who have warm skin tones. On the other hand, the strawberry milk-like apple cream color will fit very well on those who have cool skin tones. I personally like these two colors very much. 
③ Applying the Apple Bol Creamy Blusher No.1 Creamy Apple Ricot 


I applied it around the cheekbone with my own fingers because it did not have extra applicators. It was rather easy to control the amount and had great endurance because the color was quite light. Anyway, it is a blusher that I want to recommend for those who like warm or coral tones. Moreover, the powdery finish was also very good!


I applied the shadow on top of my eyes. Maybe it's because the areas around the eyes are white that the color comes out in pink, rather than coral. It would be great choice to use the Creamy Dome Blusher No.2 Creamy Apple Ricot when you want to do the girlish eye make-up rather than dark eye make-ups. Anyway, you can use it on top of your eyes and it has a beautiful color. 

 You can use it as a nude lipstick that has coral + peach colors by applying the Creamy Dome Blusher No.2 Creamy Apple Ricot. I personally would like to recommend this to those people who have extremely white faces. I also would like to recommend it to those who like charming lip colors. The product will turn your lips into a nude lip because of its color. I can say that it is a product that enables you to create various effects because it is a cream-type blusher and has various methods for use. 



<General Evaluation>
Advantages: Even though it is a cream-type, it is powdery and does not provide much oil
A long-lasting  product
Creates the color very well
A multi-item that can be used for various purposes
The colors that match very well with warm and cool skin tones
Affordable price

Disadvantages: Your freckles worsen and appear more clearly if you apply them on your eyes
The plastic lid is quite sloppy
The colors are common colors.. but it's still pretty :)


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