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VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack

VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack


You know how we have to take care of your feet more during summer because we often wear high heels or sandals. I've been using pedicures up to this day and I really didn't care much about my feet. 

VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack is something that I highly recommend for those people
who feel embarrassed by their white flaky skin that are exposed in between the gaps of your sandals. LOL :)

This is the most cool and amazing product among the products that I've used recently. 

Product name: VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack

"Stop worrying about the ugly-looking white flaky skin~" would be the translation of VOV baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack's catch phrase. LOL :)

It is being sold for 6,300 KRW at 'Plus1000'.
But it ran out of stock right now. :(

This is the first that I've seen something go out of stock at Plus1000.
You would be able go guess how popular this product is just by looking at this. LOL :)

There is a simple product overview on the back. 

I guess a lot of people think about exfoliating their skin 
when we talk about skin-exfoliating products. 

I've been doing that for quite some time, but flaky skin becomes even worse if you do that. 

But VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack is known to take off the dead skin layer very naturally because the peeling pack is absorbed into the skin.

It take some amount of time, but you are able to exfoliate your dead skins very naturally without much stimulation. 


Exfoliating the dead skins very dramatically within a short period of time may seem like a better idea, but those products are quite harmful. 

 I think it's a better idea to exfoliate your dead skins without much stimulation by using mild vegetable substances even if it takes time.

In addition, this VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack is more attractive because you are able to do it in your own house very conveniently. 


I'll talk about the way to use this below.. but I must inform you that you cannot move around for an hour and a half. after wearing the foot sheet that looks like  socks.  But I had to move around eventually. 


The description told me not to move around but I even went outside
and moved around. LOL :)


And the flaky skins didn't get exfoliated in a single day. 
It took about 10 days for me. :)

These are the main substances of the product. 

We often think of harmful substances when we talk about peeling. But this VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack was made of mild vegetable substances and I was very relieved. 

There is the date of manufacture on the bottom of the case's back.  


I took out all the components.
The left is the amount for one day and the right is the cover sheet for covering your feet. 


You just have to pour it on each foot. 
It's a little disappointing because it can only be used once, but it says that it lasts for about 3 to 6 months after exfoliating. Of course, those people who have serious problems on the feet would have to use it every month. It really depends on each person. 

 This is the sheet pack that looks like socks.
It was quite comfortable because all you have to do it wear them just like your shoes.
The inside is made of non-woven fabric for quick absorption and the outside is made of waterproof cover. You won't have to worry about liquid overflowing. 


There also is the description of the product and the tip on the back of the pouch. 
I'm quite exited to use this!

First, wear the sheet pack that looks like socks on each foot. 

Then pour the contents of the pouch on each foot.
Then your sheet pack will be filled with the liquid.

It has a refreshing baby powder fragrance.
It was a kind of smell that made me think that my feet would become like the baby's feet. 

 Then tie the 2 strings on the top.
You better tie them tightly so that the liquid won't flow.

You stay like this for an hour and half. 

The description said that I must wash the remaining liquid with water or absorb them, but I didn't have much to absorb because most of the liquid had already been absorbed by my feet.

You know how feet packs are uncomfortable to use because they have this sticky and awkward feeling. But this product didn't have any stickiness.
It was rather cool and refreshing. So it was quite comfortable to move around.

I wanted to go to bed right after I did the foot peeling,
but my feet began to heat up a bit. 

I totally forgot that I did the peeling and I accidentally saw my feet after 4 days.
And this was what it looked like.

I thought "It's beginning to happen!"

But this is what it looked like when I saw my feet on the same day. LOL :)

It looks like the soles have been peeled off most easily because they are have a lot of friction. And perhaps because I wear high heels a lot that I had a lot of callus.. and those callus came off very thick. 


With that as the beginning, the top of your feet and all the toes begin slowly lose their skin. LOL The thicker parts of your dead skins and the callus come off like in the photograph and the areas that do not have much dead cells, such as the top of the feet and the toes, come off very thin as if a snake slips out from his skin. LOL :)

It does not hurt at all when you are peeling the skin off. 
It comes off very easily and if's so much fun! LOL:)

 As you can see, it really does make a difference when you look at the areas that have been peeled off and the the areas that still haven't been peeled off. 


As you can see on the photograph, the thick skins came off very easily for me. 
But the skin that came off very thin was a bit difficult to peel off. 
Your feet becomes a bit messy. :(

All you have to do is to take a foot bath and peel the skin off as if you are 
scrubbing the dirt off and the thin dead skins will come off very easily. 


In fact, all the dead skin falls apart when you simple wash your feet. 

You could take a foot bath more often if you want to take them off more quickly.


The most severe area is the part where you have the callus on the soles.
A lot callus had been peeled off after scrubbing the dead skins completely.
Can you see them?

I could feel that my feet has become more smooth after 10 days.. perhaps it is because all the dead skins had been peeled off. 


This is the Q&A section .
In regards to question number 2, I was not able to feel much dryness.
The one thing that I've felt by using this VOV Baby Shine Foot Peeling Pack was that 
it is so much fun when you are taking the skin off! LOL :)


 Your skin will come off after some time.. 
So It would be a better idea to calculate the time before you use it. 


I calculated the time very well and I did the peeling a few days before my vacation. 
So I was able to avoid going out with messy feet. But if you do the peeling without much thought, you might have to go out with your high heels and your feet would look very messy.

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