Thursday, January 17, 2013

VOV Jean Liner

VOV Jean Liner

An extremely powerful waterproof + sliding texture + smart auto case
No.4 Pop Gold No.5 N1 Black


This is the VOV Jean Liner No.4 and Pop Gold No.5 N1 Black for gold make-ups suitable during winter. It is a product that I often use because VOV Jean Liner does not spread very easily. 


An extremely powerful waterproof + sliding texture + smart auto case
It has added the stylishness with the black and gold package. 


 The soft and creamy usability
It has roll-milled the pigment in ultra-fine condition. The satin-pearls of fine particles help you to create twinkling eyes and help you to express the colors very clearly in one touch because it has coated the wax and the polymer. 

The Powerful waterproof function

It helps you to maintain clean and clear eyes after 10 seconds from applying for the entire day with an amazing waterproof effect which does not spread in sweat, water or sebum. You must always close the lid after use because it may evaporate. 

The easy-to-use auto case + sharpener

The auto-type case allows you to use the right amount required and it is extremely convenient because there is a sharpener on the back of the case. 

The 5 free ingredients

I can be used on the rims of the eyes because it does has
no preservatives, animal materials, artificial fragrance, talc or acrylamide. 

You can easily check the color at the end of the liner. 

The color can be easily distinguished at the end of the liner. 

You may sharpen the liner whenever you want because there is a sharpener at the end of the case. 



It draws very well softly. 
You can use it on the eyes because it's very creamy and the curves can be drawn very soft as well. I only drew it once and the color is expressed very clearly. I was a bit worried about the gold color.. but the pearl were expressed very well as well. The pearls come off a bit even after some time after applying. The lines didn't smudge even if I rubbed it with my hands and it didn't move around even if I rubbed it with water. 


I reapplied the eye shadows in gold and brown colors on top of the black line and applied the the gold liner on the underline. A lot of people that I know had been recommending the VOV Jean Liner to me and I had such a great experience using this product. I would probably be using this product very often. 

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  1. used for 2 days. feel good. smell good. thank you