Saturday, January 19, 2013

VOV Good bye Eye Pender NO Remover Maskara

VOV Good bye Eye Pender NO Remover Maskara

The product that I'm going to have my review on is VOV Good-bye Eye Pender No Remover Maskara. The product was released in 2007 for the first time.
This is s a product that I had been continuously using and I got a new one as a gift!

Color : Black
Type : No.1 Volume-curling / No.2 Volume-lash

There are two types for this product and I am going to be introducing the No.1 volume-curling type. The mega-volume brush of coating - volume - setting phase helps to create abundant eyelashes for short eyelashes and also for those who do not have much eyelashes. 

This is how the product looks like! The case is in black and has a navy design on the grip!

Good-bye Eye Pender Waterprooft products are already very famous among the products of VOV. This no-remover-type used to be quite famous during its release as a product that erases with water. 

The volume-curling type has a banana-shaped brush!

This is the brush that makes and expresses your eyelashes abundant and long . 

Let me test it on my hands!
It does not apply evenly in the overall sense. You're gonna need some techniques If you want to apply it evenly, You need to place the wet cotton on warm water and wash it off when the mascara is soak in the water. But I like to do things in a hurry.. so I just poured the water right away!  The mascara liquid washes off the mark in chunks!
(I do not have any photographs because I rubbed and wiped them off with my hands)

Before using the beaurer / After using the beaurer

Even though my eyelashes are long, they are quite falling down. So I ought to use the beaurer!

I should do the perms on my eyelashes soon~ It's not that discomforting or anything because I still haven't put on the mascara much, but it's quite difficult to curl up with a beaurer when I have to do the eye make-ups from time to time. 

After using the VOV Good-bye Eye Pender NO Remover Mascara

It applied on the lashes very well. I can see how much effort they've put to ensure that it applied evenly on the lashes. Can you see the curl that has been curled up? and my eyelashes that have become extremely long! LOL :) Mascara is all I did and it has made a world of difference!

Furthermore, I must also mention that VOV's mascaras last for a very long time!

And the powder does not fly in the air very much. However, you should always avoid the rain because it's a mascara that can be easily erased by water. 
Therefore, I recommend this product as a mascara that can be simply used as daily mascara. 


  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.