Monday, January 21, 2013

VOV Real Fit V-line Skin Cover

VOV Real Fit V-line Skin Cover

 This is 'SKIN COVER', a new product of VOV. 
It is a new line of products named as the 'V-Line Fit'. 

The case has two separate areas for the puff and the mirror. 
The case opens by a small button. Being extremely light would be an advantage, but the material is fairly fragile. You should take a great care of the button. In addition, the most of the V-Line product are produced in gray cases and I felt that it was similar to products of HANSKIN. Products of HANSKIN are mostly like these. It was rather disappointing because it didn't have the distinctive color of VOV. It would have been so much better if they kept their own designs and made the colors brighter. 

 The color that I got was no.1 natural color.
Doesn't it look quite bright and has a dense yellow color in the photograph?
The yellow was fine because I my skin was fairly red.. but I was a little worried. 
This is because the people who buy the products of VOV are in their early twenties and skin cover is a kind of product that I am trying to avoid. 

 The sponge was very flexible and sticky.
The sponge that enhances the adhesion on your face :)
I really liked the quality of this thingy.

 This is what happens when you rub it with your fingers.
It gives you a feeling that it will apply very well on your skin.
I was worried that it might apply too dense, but I was able to put it on in thin layers. 


This is happens when you apply it on the back of your hands. 
At first, I was a little surprised because it was too much like a mat. 
I came to think that it is a skin cover that has aimed the young people who light light feelings on the skin, not a product that is used by people in their thirties. 


I am in my twenties and have an extremely dry skin during seasons like these.
I live off every day with oil papers and it hurts a lot to finish my face with mat-like powders.
So I always use this product after spraying the mist on my face. I was very satisfied in that way. 

 I put the foundation softly and sprayed the mist afterwards.
I intentionally used a product of LANEGE that does not have much covering capability and has a lot of moisture. The skin became much more moist when I absorbed the mist into the skin. 

 I rubbed it with the sponge that was in the product.
Doesn't it look quite dense? 
All you have to do is to stretch and spread this part all over your face.
I applied this much and placed it on my chin, forehead and nose by using the sponge. 

 It's complete. 
It covers the red scars and does not have that thick feeling that you often feel in skin covers. 
It was a skin cover that really fit to my taste.

The reason why I used the mist was because skin cover alone was too dry for me.
It wouldn't be a problem if you have the skin of twenties or have an oily skin, but I recommend that you use it with a mist if you have a dry skin or are a bit old in age. 
It will apply on the skin better if you do that. :)

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