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VOV Light Lasting Dual Glow Pact

VOV Light Lasting Dual Glow Pact

The product that I am going to introduce is called VOV Light Lasting Dual Glow Pact.
I've tried using VOV's pacts even before I became an affiliate of  VOV. :)
I used to think that VOV's pacts are always very heavy. 

But they are finally releasing a light pact that lasts for a time and allows the users to feel the natural light, 

just like many other mineral pacts!!

It hasn't been released yet, 
but it will be released very soon! :)
I guess by now you are aware that this is a hot item!

 I believe design is one of the most important  factors that people consider when choosing a pact. VOV Dual Glow Pact is not that superior in its design, but it is portable with a black and thin design. I believe it will become a must-have item for your pouch because it has been made very light by designing applicator as a brush. It's as light as a finish powder.. 


 It originally has a brush in it as an applicator, but I didn't have one because I got the package that's been packaged before the release. :( It's such a pity that I cannot show you the applicator(brush) to you. LOL :)

You might be wondering why the product is a dual-type product.  Let me give you an explanation for that. There is a highlighting zone which you can use it as a pact area, highlighting area or both by mixing the two. I use it all together, but you can use it separately if you want. The colors in the highlighting zone provide a feeling of pearls, but the pearls don't protrude from your skin or anything. 

 If you look at it closely, there aren't much pearls in the pact area. 
But you are able to feel the light and see that highlighting colors have fine pearl particles. 


The pearls cannot be seen very easily on your hands, but I can definitely feel the gloss as I would in products that contain minerals. 


 I tested on my arms and the pact itself was quite shiny as well.
It doesn't actually shine like that on the skin, but we all know that a person's face is more dynamic and three dimensional than arms. 
I got the impression that It expressed more light on the cheek and eyebrows. 

The highlighting colors can be softly applied on the areas that you want to highlight, such as nose, lips, philtrum or the forehead.

I also took a photograph of the mix because I believe most will mix them together. 
You could see more pearls, but it does not stand out that evidently. It's as if there is more water gloss effects have been added. LOL :)

 Even though it's a compact pact, the particles are tremendously fine and
and the pact comes off like the photograph when you slowly brush it. :)
I personally recommend the flat-top brush if you want the pact or the powder to stick on your face very closely. This is a foundation brush made by Marykay. I bought it for 10,000 KRW and it's extremely soft for the skin. It's really the best!!

Before using the product

 This is the glossy-base of VOV.  You read the review, right? :)
You have to read that review. The glossy-base is absolutely the ultimate product!
This is what I recommend for those who often think like this. 
"It took me a long time to do this and I do not really want to get rid of it.
But I still would have to do the covering work."

1. There is a lot to cover on the skin and the skin tone is dark: Mix and apply it with a 3:7 or 2:8 ratio for the glossy-base and foundation. 
2. There aren't much blemishes and the skin tone is bright: Apply the Dual Glow Pact by using a brush after using the glossy-base. 

I think I belong in the second group. I personally believe I still have a young skin! LOL :)
So I was able to maintain a young and glossy skin for the entire day by applying the glossy-base and gently brushing the pact with a brush afterwards. 

The glow-base and the dual-glow pact both create a glossy skin without the emphasizing the pores and I like the fact that it creates a luxurious and bright skin, rather than creating hot-looking glossiness!

I carefully used the pact by brushing it.
Can you feel the glossiness of it? It's a product that does not have any pearls in it.
It's actually a perfect expression of the skin that does not require a highlighter. 
I didn't put them on that carefully or anything..
I simply applied them on the face and the bottom of my eyes and the nose began to shine like crazy! It's was so nice!!

 Durability + Highlighting
I re-applied the highlighting colors on my cheeks.
I made the photograph a bit darker to make sure of the color.
And more than anything, this is a photograph that was taken six hours after using the pact during summer. :)

It stuck so well on the skin without correcting the make-up.
It also has great durability. I like the fact that it turns my skin soft even if I have a dry skin.
I won't have to worry about it getting in between the freckles or pores as long as I apply it well with a brush. I am so satisfied with it. LOL :)

Of course, I didn't haven't used the applicator yet. :(
and I should take that as consideration as well.  :)
If you think the brush that comes along isn't good enough, 
you should try it with the brush that you already have.  :)
The pact is really great. :)

I certainly have an extremely dry skin and I am not that old to be using a pact. 
To recall, it was less than five times that I used the pact other than the sun pact. (excluding the tests) I avoided the pact because it was heavy and it made me look like that did the make-up. 
But VOV Dual-Glow Pact was applied on the skin in thin layers and the expression of the skin was extremely satisfactory. :)


I will also be testing the covering capabilities and running many other test when I receive the final product. In conclusion, I must say that make-up products by VOV are cheap and have good quality. I've been persisting on Chanel products for the make-up base. But I am not buying their products anymore. My sister who had always been using DIOR products also become fond of VOV and she took away my brush and the pact. LOL :)
I am quite sure that there are many other products of VOV which you will grow fond to. 

If I were to mention a disadvantage other than the missing applicator, even though the design was very simple and nice with the black color, it was not enough to attract a woman's heart. I was quite satisfied because I didn't have round-shaped pact, but my sister had the prejudice that pacts should be squared. LOL :) My sister was a little disappointed by the design.. but she wasn't completely dissatisfied or anything. LOL :) 
I am truly looking forward to see the final product. :)

Click here to purchase the product.

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