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VOV Suboon (Moisture) Cover Pact (spf 35 pa++)

VOV Suboon (Moisture) Cover Pact (spf 35 pa++)


The name of the product is SUBOON Pact. Suboon in Korean refers to moisture. This is a product that I really wanted to try and also a product that I was curious about. 
This is the product that Yeseul Han is advertising these days. 

Product name : VOV Suboon (Moisture) Cover Pact SPF 35 PA++
Volume : 14g

This is the box of the product. 
I guess it's quite big for a pact box. 


The reason why it's big is because there is an extra refill in it. 
They are giving out the extra refill for the celebration of their release.
The box is quite huge because the refills are in it.
The color of the product that I tried was No.21 Mineral White.


You can check the manufacturing date on the side of the box. 


You can find out the characteristics of Suboon Cover Pact on the back of the box. 

Adhesion of moisture - It adheres to the skin extremely well and makes you feel as if it is your own skin
Moisture filler - The moisture and a sense of nutrition that's being filled up into the skin
Moisture gloss - Helps you have a healthy and transparent skin with the moisture glow

It provides moisture and corrects the blemishes with its perfect mineral covering capabilities because each and every powder is coated with the essential moisturizing substance.  The product is divided into two types: Moisturizing Pact and the Moisture Cover Pact.  Both of the products have equally emphasized the moisturizing effect, but the design and the  covering capabilities are different from each other. 

The left is the puff from the product and the right is the extra puff and the pact for the refill. 

There is a pact for the refill when you open the protection lid on the bottom of the puff.
I should be able to use it for a long time because there are extra puffs for the refill. 

It has a round and a simple design with silver as its background. 
The center part is protruding out. The case's material is very shiny like a mirror.
I really like the way how they simply had written the word SUBOON and nothing else
because I prefer simple designs rather than fancy designs. 


This is the back of the case.
It looks like there are no. 21 and 23 for the color.
The one that I am holding is no.21 mineral light.
It seems like most of the base make-ups that are being produced recently have the ultraviolet ray protection.
Subook Cover Pact also has the function of ultraviolet protection. 
Just like ordinary pacts, its volume is also 14g. 
There is a mark that says that I must use it within 24 months from unsealing. 

There is a thin navy line on the side. 

There is a thin navy line on the side. 

There is a thin navy line on the side. 

The color is like this. 
It may look different depending on the monitor or the resolution of your monitor.
I believe it's a very ordinary color of no.21 that isn't too bright nor too dark. 

This is the soft puff that's included in the product. 
The puff is quite similar to ordinary puffs. 

This is how it looks like when you put some pact on the puff.
The particles are extremely fin and soft.
I could actually feel the moisture with my hands. 


First of all, the level of adhesion was fairly nice.
It takes great control over the oil of BB creams and foundations and therefore  provides a soft and dry finish.  The covering capability was a bit weak considering that the name of the product is 'Cover Pact'. It does provide the covering function if you apply it in thick layers, but it will be too dry if you put too much of it. 

The level of moisture really depends on how you use the product.
It was a bit dry, the freckles were brought into attention and I was able to feel the tension 
when I only used  the base and the Suboon Cover Pact. I would have felt that way more because I have an extremely dry skin. 

It gave me a fairly comfortable feeling (not moist) when I only used the base + BB or foundation + Suboon Cover Pact (When I applied the product in thin layers as a finish)

It was fairly okay to use because it took a pretty good control over oil. 

In general, I liked the color and the texture, but it was rather difficult to feel the moisture 
considering that product had actually emphasized 'moisture'. I would probably have felt that way because my skin is dry and also because it's winter. (It would have been more moist if I tested the product during summer)

Anyway, that was my review on VOV Suboon (Moisture) Cover Pact, 

which I believe is an ideal product for your finish. 

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  1. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your skin appear smoother