Thursday, January 17, 2013

VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact SPF50

VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact SPF50 (11.5g + Refill 11.5g)


Sun Pact ● VOV: SUBOON White Sun Pact

A perfect product for summer! 
Let me introduce VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact that takes care of your sebum and sweat and protects strong ultraviolet rays. 

I look quite deeply into the protection level of ultraviolet rays because my skin is extremely sensitive towards ultraviolet rays especially during summer. Melanin pigment begins to come out when I am exposed to the sunlight for a while.

VOV White Sun Pact is a pefect product for people like me. 

A glossy Moisturizing White Sun Pact that has the effect of protecting strong ultraviolet rays as if you've put on the sunblock. 

100% moisture coating on each and every grain of the powder
- SPF50+/PA+++ A Sun Pact with the base for protecting strong ultraviolet rays.
- It applies with moisture and maintains the moisture of the skin without tension with a method that has utilized the perfect moisture coating system which has increased the amount of moisture as compared to ordinary powders.

Brightening effects of white flower complex
- Creates a delicate and luxurious skin with the pearl powder
- The glossy-effect from inside the skin

Maintains a moist skin for the entire day with sebum control powder
- It maintains a moist and refreshing skin through the moisture-coated base particles and also by absorbing the sebum. 

Source: VOV Website



The package of VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact is quite big.
The package seems a bit big as compared to what is inside, but I think it's better than
poor packaging. LOL :)

SPF 50+/PA+++

 This is VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact's powerful level of ultraviolet protection
This is a kind of level that protects UVA and UVB, which are major causes for skin cancers and severe skin diseases. 

The manufacturing date on the bottom of the box. 

 VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact is antibacterial.
There is an extra puff for the refill and it's kind of different than the puff that's in side the package. The puff that's in the pact is a soft puff that's in ordinary powders and pacts. The extra puff is a NBR puff that's usually in foundations. 


I felt that the size was a bit big. This is probably because I've been using simple and think pacts until recently. It's also quite thick as well. 


There is the recommended time of use on the back.
it's 24 months. This is longer than other products because it's a pact.
I am liking it. +_+


This is how the inside looks like.
It can be used very cleanly because there is a transparent lid.
It's probably thick because of this lid. 

Sun Pact VOV: SUBOON White Sun Pact Mineral White No.21

This is the color that is most similar to the actual product

 At a glance, No. 21 Mineral White is light and bright.
There are two colors. There is the No.23 Natural White and and Mineral White. 
No.21 Mineral White can be used by those people who have bright skin tones and those who like bright colors.You can see a lot of pearls inside when you actually look at the product. 


 It's not too moist even if it's moisture because it's still a pact. 
It's moist just how a pact should be.
It shouldn't be too moist because a pact should take control of sweat, oil and sebum and provide a clean finish. You won't be able to smell anything unless you put your nose on to it. But if you do, you'll be able to smell the fragrance of cosmetics. I don't know how to explain this smell.. I guess the smell of cosmetics would be appropriate. 

 Sun Pact VOV : The colors of SUBOON White Sun Pact Mineral White No. 21 on the back of my hands 

 I first put on VOV SUBOON Sun Pact on the back of my hands where nothing's on it. 
It's very soft and it applies very well. The skin tone seems to be brightening up rather than covering anything. 

 I put on the VOV SUBOON Sun Pact after applying the BB cream, just like how I would do my make-up. 


It seems to take control of the oil and finishes very cleanly.
The pearls are also very well expressed. 

 For next, I applied the VOV SUBOON Sun Pact with a dense liquid eyeliner on top of my hands to look at its covering capabilities. It covers better than the hand that didn't put on anything, but it doesn't cover like BB creams or foundations. 

If you want to cover up a lot, you can simply apply VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact on top of BB cream or foundation. And if you have a clean or oily skin, you can just hide the blemishes with the concealer and put on the VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact afterwards. 

 I put on the VOV SUOBOON Sun Pact after applying the BB cream, just like how I would do my make-ups.


It covers more blemishes with the BB cream and the sun pact takes control over the oiliness and the stickiness of the BB bream. 

 The before and after of Sun Pact BOB SUBOON White Sun Pact Mineral White No.21

▲BEFORE                      ▲AFTER
Before applying VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact |After applying VOV SUBOON White Sun Pact


Only BB cream was applied on the skin on the before condition.
The skin tone brightens up and covers almost all the pores and the uneven areas if you apply the BB cream and finish it with VOV Sun Pact.

Your make-up would look too thick in summer if you put to much of Sun Pact.
So you should apply them very gently as if you are finishing up.
And it would be better to re-apply them over and over again for the protection of ultraviolet rays.

This is the closeup. You'll be able to see how powerful VOV White Sun Pact is.
And that would be the end of my review. 


  • 브랜드: 보브
  • 제품명: 수분 화이트 선팩트
  • 색상: 21호 미네랄 화이트
  • 용량: 14g
  • 가격: 32000
  • 장점: 화사함, 펄감, 투명한 덮개로 깨끗하게 사용 가능, 리필 퍼프, 강력한 자외선 차단 지수(SPF 50+/PA+++), 유분, 피지, 땀 등 번들거림제거, 뽀송함, 향기, 요철 및 모공 커버
  • 단점: 과대포장?(사실 상자 크기보구... '리필'이라는 큰 글씨를 봤을때, 퍼프 리필이 아닌 팩트 리필 인것 같았어요..ㅋ)

    Brand: VOV
    Product name: SUBOON White Sun Pact
    Colr: No.21 Mineral WHite
    Volume: 14g
    Price: 32,000 KRW
    Advantages: Glossiness, pearliness, can be used very cleanly with a transparent lid, refill puff, powerful ultraviolet protection (SPF 50+/PA+++), controls oil, sebum, sweat, oiliness, provides softness, fragrance, covers pores and uneasy areas of the skin
    Disadvantages: The over-packaging(?) (I thought it meant the pact refill when I saw the word "refill" on the case)


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