Thursday, January 17, 2013

VOV AN UV Sun Cleanger

VOV AN UV Sun Cleanger 150g


VOV An UN Sun Cleanger
A moisture sun cleanger with moisture 


A multi-cleansing foam that erases sunblocks, make-ups and
dead skin cells at once and finishes it as moist skin

1. A clean cleansing effect at once
It cleanses sunblocks, make-ups and dead skin cells at once very cleanly.
2. Moist moisture cleaning with Celtic water
It finishes the skin into a moist and clean skin by quickly providing the moisture 
that can be easily lost after washing the face
3. Anti-stress care for the comfortable skin
It makes your skin comfortable from the stress with herb ingredients


# How to use : Place the appropriate amount on your hands, make the foam and 
gently massage it on your face and wash it off with warm water. 

VOV AN UN Sun Cleanger. Hurray! I've finally tried all of the AN line products.
I didn't haven't updated my review on the Sun Base.. I should be updating it soon. LOL :)
The blue color seems very cool and refreshing. 


The Sun Cleanger is quite and big and chubby. LOL :)


You have to use it within 12 months from unsealing.
I don't know if you can see the top part or not but..
you can see how much is in it by reflecting on the light.
I think is good because you can see how much is left. LOL :)

 There used to be a virgin seal on the hole. I am writing a review after taking it off very quickly.


This is how it looks like with the lid on.
It's quite normal~


You can feel the small grains when you rub it on your hands. 
It believe it's for removing the dead skin cells. I still don't know the effects yet. 
It does really hurt or anything because the grains are quite small.
I personally believe that cleansers should clean well in the first place. 


I put on the sunblock on the left and the BB cream on the right.
The product that I used was VOV AN UN Sun Free and AN UN Sun BB.


Oh gosh...
You gotta keep on rubbing. It didn't create much foams as I've expected.
The gains are floating on my hands. LOL :)

This is the before and the after of the cleansing. Nothing really came off after the cleaning and it was wiped off very cleanly. However, I washed the BB cream many times because it might still be on the skin. 

 The cleansing was flawless.
I intentionally didn't put on the basic cosmetics after using the cleanser and I didn't feel much tension on my skin. It is because of the Celtic water that's full of moisture? LOL :)
I should finish washing my face with AN Sun Cleanger on the days I've only put on Sun Free. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage, fits my skin colour totally!