Monday, January 21, 2013

VOV Two Way Cake Skin Cover

VOV Two Way Cake Skin Cover

This product is a magical product that has stretched its legs into the world of cosmetics. LOL :)

It's always a good idea to check the prices on various open markets before you actually buy them. 

I bought this at an open market and I had no problems with the manufacturing date. 


Frankly speaking, sebum absorption and no oiliness would be a lie.
It really depends on what sort of base you are using, but I recommend that you use it during winter because it is a product with much oil. (All the products that I bought during winter were good) Because there is a great chance that your skin might become extremely old-looking and thick if you apply the powder on top of it just because there is much oil, it would be a better idea to actually use that oiliness for you advantage. 


There is a puff for the use and a puff for the refill. I really like that.
10g X 2 It is manufactured by Kolmar, a South Korean company, and you ought to use it within 24 months. 

 You won't be able to see a big difference because I tapped it quite softly.
However, I was able to see a huge difference when I put them on my face.
I remember them having three types, including no.21, 23 and 33. no.33 is extremely dark to the extent that it's red. It's good for those people who have dark skin tones, but you should control the base very well because there is a bit of red in it. I am currently using No.23 because I have a terrible experience with no.33. The color of no.23 is similar to those products in the market.
They are often found in open markets or cosmetics stores near your house and they only had no.23 and 33. I wouldn't be a bad idea to test them before you buy them. 


 It's a better product than ordinary concealers. 
I was aware that it had better covering capabilities than ordinary twin-cake products, but the price was extremely fair and the covering capabilities were amazing as well. It is a great product for those who have pimples, freckles or blemishes. It would be a nice product unless you are pimple scars on your face. One of disadvantages is that it's a bit oily and your face may become a bit thick if you don't use it in the right way. 


And that's why I use an air puff. LOL :)
This can be purchased for 2,000 KRW at stores like ARITAUM or INNISFREE, which are the sub-brands or Amore Pacific. bottom part is blue and it's a bit different than ordinary puffs. 
The basic puff in the product is quite good, but air puffs are much lighter and provides better grip.


One of the disadvantages of using an air puff would be that it does not fit in the case. LOL :)
Generally speaking, it is a product that I use every winter because it's very good in the overall sense. The important thing is how you use the base before you use this product. For liquid foundations, you could simply use a product that has much moisture or use it after lightly applying the BB cream. In addition, you'll be able to have a delicate and glossy skin if you apply products like facial oil in a small amount. LOL :)

Another disadvantage would be that it can be a bit heavy depending on the person using it and it is a bit thick. And too much dirt is being piled up in the product.  Other than these, it's a fairly good product in general. 

If I may give you a tip, the product may easily melt in hot conditions. 
And the product may freeze if you store it in cold places. 
The best way is throwing it away in one of the corners of your dressing table after using it. LOL :) And if you have leftovers, prepare a small case and pour the leftovers by heating them up with a hair dryer. You'll be able to use it as a concealer in that way. 


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