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benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop

benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop

THE FACE SHOP Natural sun AQ shaking base sun milk 50ml

THE FACE SHOP  Natural sun AQ
shaking base sun milk 50ml

Hi everyone.
The product that I am going to review today is a sunscreen of The Face Shop.

 The Face Shop is currently having a sale on all of the sunscreen series for the vacation season. The product that I bought is also a product that has been sold on 50% discount. 

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>

 The mouth looks sharp as a liquid-type should be. 
Therefore, controlling the amount isn't very hard. 

The cream is a watery fluid-type and has a beige color. 

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>

It can be applied on wide areas with a small amount because it spreads very well.
(But I am sure that you know that you must apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen anyways) Liquid-types are mostly slow in their settings, but 
it was still a bit disappointing to find out that this product was even slower than most other products. Missha, which is a brand that's often being compared to The Face Shop recently, has also released a liquid-type product named as
'Missha All Around Shape Block Waterproof Sun Milk' and
this product only takes about a minute for the setting. 
(it actually feels quite long with this amount) 
But The Face Shop was quite annoying because I had to wait several minutes for the setting. Also, I was able to see the strokes of my hand 
because it was quite difficult to apply it evenly. 
You'll probably be be able to apply it evenly 
if you apply it with a sponge, 
but having to do that would definitely be a disadvantage. 
(Despite the amount which the sponge would absorb)

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>

 The white color remained greatly even after the setting. 
For such a phenomenon, it would be better to compare it with 'The Face Shop Natrual Sun AQ Power Long-lasting Sun Cream, which is a product of the same brand. 
I cannot remember it very clearly because it's been quite a while since I've used that cream, but this product seems to create more white color than the 'Long-lasting Sun Cream'. I've seen many reviews on sun creams and most of them said that it didn't produce white color, but I personally believe these white colors ought to be produce if you apply the appropriate amount. My sister had never really noticed or care about me putting on the sun scream before, but she asked me "are you really planning to go out like that?" 
when I tried to go out with this cream on. 
Of course, you shouldn't even think about reapplying the product in this condition. 

I would like to emphasize once again that  
you must apply a sufficient amount of sun screens. :)

Unlike the Long-lasting sun scream,  
it wasn't sticky nor felt very heavy because it was watery and
it was very light on the skin.  In order to apply a sufficient amount of sun screen, 

I usually skip the lotion or supplementary products during the day. 
But for this product, I applied it after applying the supplementary products 
because my skin felt the tension in that way.  
The product is also suitable for combination of oily skin types because it's a product that can be used lightly.  Those people with dry skin type may want to avoid this product because it can make your skin even more dry. (It contains a certain amount of alcohol, which can make the skin dry)

It has the smell of floral cosmetics mixed with the smell of sunblocks. 
The smell isn't really bad, but it's sort of strong. 

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>

 The product description on the website described the product as a product that is highly effective on sweat and water. But I was not able to find the word 'waterproof' anywhere on the product. The product merely had a certification on ultraviolet rays protection and it didn't mention about its waterproof certifications anywhere. 

 As I've already mentioned in my review on Long-lasting Sun Scream, 
they would have definitely mentioned about the waterproof certification if they've received one. By looking at the fact that they didn't mention about it, this product probably didn't get the certification on waterproof capabilities. However, the sweat doesn't drip or anything because the product isn't all too weak towards sweat. 
However, if you are looking for a better product that can block your sweat, 
you may want to buy a product that has received the waterproof certification. 

 The foams of face wash products have been blown over 
because washing off the silicons, which are not easily erased by sweat and water, wasn't an easy job either. So if you want to wash your face more cleanly, you may want to wash your face twice or use a facial cleanser with a better detergency or
finish it by using a toner that removes the residues well.

It's actually not very hard to wash off the product to the extent that you have to think about choosing a cleanser. 

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>


It's a product that contains quite a bit of physical block substances, 
such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 
It's not a product that solely contains inorganic block substances. 
It's a sunscreen that contains organic block substances, such as 
ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate, etc. 
Those people who are sensitive towards alcohol may want to avoid using this product because the product contains 5% of denatured alcohol, 
The texture is matt and light because it contains quite a lot of silicons. 
It's kind of annoying how The Face Shop always puts a lot herbs in their products.
The price of the product is 14,900 KRW and the sale price is 7,450 KRW. 
I would like to strongly recommend it for those people who have combination of oily skin, which aren't sensitive towards alcohol and herbs. 
I would give three stars for this product. 

<benefit cosmetics for Natural sun block of The face shop>

Click here to purchase the product.

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