Thursday, February 7, 2013

SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask 100g

SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask 100g


Isn't it so cold this autumn? 
You always have to take a good care of your skin during cold days
because there a lot of dead skin cells in a weather like this. 

The product that I am going to introduce is SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask. 

It's a product that has orange in it. 


It sort of look like a crock. 
I wanna eat them~


There is this piece of paper on the rubber band. 
What does it say in it? 


 The instructions and descriptions of SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask are written on it. 
The main function of this product is the fact that it makes your skin smooth by removing the rough dead skin cells.

The honey that is in this product is known to be collected only through the flowers of manuka in New Zealand. They used the Californian oranges, which are known to have abundant vitamin C in it. 


The ingredients are written on the back. 
The product contains Phenoxyethanol. 


I opened the paper lid and the product was wrapped up once again. 
I personally like products that are packed twice. 


I opened the lid and it was very easy to open and close because the lid was made of rubber. 


This is the content of the product. 
It's actually like real honey. 


The spoon comes along with the product. 
You can use the mask with this spoon. 


You have the mix the content well before you use it. 


I scooped out a spoon after mixing it well. 
The texture was sticky like honey. 

Apply the product on a wet face. 
Rub it as if you are giving a massage and wash it off with warm water. 

It didn't spread very easily because it was very sticky. 


This is before using the product. 

I used to have dead skin cells on my nose, but they are gone now. 



This is a shot from the side. 

I used to have a lot of white dead skin cells, but they were all gone after using this product. 

I was a little surprised because it removed the dead skin cells a lot better than what I've 

expected. I am quite satisfied by its effects. 

However, the skin became sort of dry after using the product. 



One of the disadvantages was that
the entire spoon got dirty when I was mixing the content. 
It's sort of uncomfortable when it gets on your hand because it's really sticky.


Since the contents gets on the entire spoon, you would have to wash them off with water. 


<What I like about this product>
It removes the dead skin cells very well, which I guess is the main function of this product. 
A spoon comes along with the product. 
The design is very cute. 

<What I don't like about this product>
The content is extremely sticky and it may make you uncomfortable. 
You get a lot of things to wash because of its sticky texture. 
The skin became a little dry after using this product. 
It contains chemicals. 

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