Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Cell Essence Mist 100ml

HERA Aquabolic Cell Essence Mist 100ml

My skin is more than extremely dry during winter. 
Its gets even more dry because I swim. I really want my moisture back~
So what I really need right now is to provide moisture.
People say that 15% of your skin's moisture disappears when you do not apply skin or other products on your face within a minute after washing your face. I read this from somewhere. I forgot where it was. 

That's why I bought the HERA mist. LOL

It's moisturizing mist with cell-essence that activates the cells. 
Even though it's a moisturizing mist with cell-essence that activates the cells, I really can feel it. LOL :) But it's good as long as it provides moisture well!


It has the same design with HERA's Aquabolic. 
Anyway, the design would be the same because it has the same name. LOL
Anyway, the design looks very cute and adorable. 


It looks like this when you open the lid. 
The size is almost the same with my palm. 
I always carry this product when I am going out for my workouts because it's very portable. 



It's a spraying-type product. 
I tried to spray it and it sprayed quite far. 
I am often surprised by it because it sprays quite strongly and also because it's cold. 


This is the back of my hand with nothing on. 
It's extremely dry and pale. What a poor girl I am. :(
Let me try to provide moisture to this dry hand. 


I sprayed the essence once. 
Quite a lot comes out. 
You don't have to spray it many times. 2 or 3 times would be enough. 


Spray it 2 or 3 times and you can tap or wipe off the remaining essence on the face with a clean tissue or cosmetics button bud. 
It's best that you wait until it gets fully absorbed into the skin. 
I tried to dry it with a folding fan, but I couldn't do it because it was so cold. 

You face will be full of moisture when you spray it over your entire face. 
I was able to feel that it contained a lot moisture, but I couldn't really feel the activation of moisture. 

People often use a mist after doing their makeups because it's very dry. 
It would be okay for such circumstances, but you cannot do it when you have strong makeups on. Your makeups would lump up. So you should never tap it with your hands. LOL

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