Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask 100ml

HERA Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask 100ml


Apply an appropriate amount on your entire face at the last step of your skin care and you can go to sleep when the pack gets absorbed into the skin after about 15 minutes. 


I put some HERA Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask on my hand~
Can you see the white transparent grains? :)
They are Bio-pyramid capsules that create moisturizing protection layers on the skin. 
These capsules are known to be patented. The Bio-pyramid capsules pop up without irritating the skin and  they are known to create a moist moisturizing layer on the skin. 

I applied some mask on the back of my hand. :)
The delicate smell was so nice~
It really made me feel good. 
As you can see in the photograph, the texture is very soft and it applies to the skin very evenly. 
I am sure that those people who have used this product would know how this feels like. 

(Before it got absorbed)                                                (After it got absorbed)


The Bio-pyramid capsules all popped up and disappeared when I applied the mask on my entire hand. I covered the back of my hand with the Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask and it was very refreshing without much stickiness. 
I was able to go to sleep very comfortably because it got absorbed into the skin very quickly and the moistness remained on the skin even after the absorption. 

You should be able to see a clear and transparent skin in the morning
if you use this product once or twice a week in the evening. :)

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