Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion 120ml

HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion 120ml


A recommended lotion - HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion - For dry skin types

A cell-vitalizing lotion that soaks into the skin very softly

A nutrition lotion that immediately provides moisture and nutrition to the rough and dry skin :)

This is the HERA Emulsion that will be a beam of light for my dry skin!
In the past, I though HERA was a brand for those people who are in their thirties or forties.
But college students are known to use this product a lot these days. 
I am a college student too.. 

I, as a poor college student, only bought the lotion 
because lotion is more important than skin. 

A moisturizing emulsion that presents you a moist skin that does not dry up

It doesn't merely provide moisture to your skin, but rather protects the moisture so that it doesn't  fly away!



 It's sort of heavy because it's made of glass. 
But doesn't it look quite luxurious?
I was curious about whether it would break if I dropped it on the floor. 
So dropped the bottle on the floor several times, but it didn't break. LOL


Manufacturing date: Dec.9.2010
It's a product that has been produced recently. 

 Doesn't the pump look very cute?
It's very clean and the amount that comes out by pumping it twice
should be able to cover your face. 


This is when I have pumped the lotion!

It applied to the skin extremely softly 
and I am sure that it will make your skin smooth and calm down the skin as well. 

There is so much moisture. 

If you have a dry skin, it's important that you take care of your moisture and the vitality of the skin  because it's very easy for a dry skin to lose its vitality!
The tropical plant extracts strengthen the moisture of the skin and the cotton extracts help to restore the vitality of the skin. Therefore, it creates a great foundation for protecting your skin against dry environment. 


 I personally believe beautiful skin is extremely important. 
Lets us try our best to become a person with amazing skin!


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