Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Nutritive Cream 50ml

HERA Aquabolic Nutritive Cream 50ml


I have to say good bye to the moisturizing cream because 
summer is almost over now. LOL

The weather is definitely getting more dry these days. 
I feel the tension on my face when it's almost time to go back home. 

As you can see below, I've finished this cream for such reasons. 


I used it to the very end. LOL


I'll now open the new one. 

The box is all winkled because it's been quite a while since I bought this and it has been rolling in my room. 


The case is same with Aquabolic Moisturizing Cream. 


The protection lid very right. 


I am always worried that it might leak. 

It's so creamy! LOL


It's very chewy and creamy!

The left is HERA and the right is the Primera Moisturizing Cream that I've written a review about a few days ago. LOL The textures show a big difference. 

HERA has a bit of oil in it. LOL


The texture is quite chewy. 

It sticks on your skin very well and it makes you feel that it's going to make my skin 

Before applying the product. 


After the applying the product. 

I should probably buy this product all year round. LOL
I am so excited because I am opening the new one. 

But I should change my moisturizing cream. 
What's a good product that's cheap?
Primera doesn't match very well on me. 
You know.. I want refreshment. 

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