Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill

Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill


A one-step item that has the functions of correcting the skin tone + absorption of sebum + sun block + cover of pores + whitening!
It's a multi-foundation that creates a moist and transparent skin!
I'll introduce Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill today. 


Doesn't you skin become even more dry when you do your makeups during the dry autumn and winter? I originally have a dry skin and my skin is becoming even more dry because of the cold weather. 

For such reasons, I use the Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill, a product that is famous as a moist makeup, these days to do the moist makeup as quickly and conveniently. LOL

 Characteristics of the product
* The case of the product

This is the box of Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill. 
I am sure that this product is in a pact-type container. But the box looks quite big. LOL

It's because it contains HERA UV Mist Cushion and the refill together. :)

The instruction manual was in the box.
I think you should read it carefully because you can find the instructions and information on the moisture puff cleansing as well. 



It's really nice how it comes along with an extra refill!


I think the advantage  of Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill is that it has several different colors for different skin types.
(Cover, natural, shimmer)
There are five colors in totals. 
There is the Natural Shining - N21, N23
Cover Glow C21, C23,
Shimmer Beige No.22. 
I think it's really nice that I can choose the color that I like. 
Please refer to the image above for the colors. :)

I personally think Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill has a brighter color than other HERA makeup products. 
But strangely enough, the color gets corrected to your skin tone even though it looks a bit too bight at first. LOL
But you should refer to the image above just in case it doesn't match on your skin. :)

View of the product

The design looked very neat and luxurious. 
I was able to feel the brightness of the glossy pearls. 

It fits right in your hand the grip was also very nice. This container is a -2˚C special water container + a dual-container that protects the outer temperature. 

 The dual container of this product stores the UV Mist Cushion in good condition by protecting the outer heat like a thermos and that's the reason why we can feel  the cooling effects!

It can be used during summer and even during weather when we turn on our heaters because
you can feel the refreshing feeling of coolness when you tap it into your skin. 

The one that I bought was recently manufactured because it's a
bestselling product that was sold over 1 million copies. 
You need to use this product within 12 months from its manufacturing date. 
It's very good because I can use it during the four seasons. 


It can be used very conveniently because it can be opened with one hand
also because it has a mirror inside!
I think I can store it very cleanly and it's also very hygienic because 
the moisture puff is located separately. 

 A sticker is attached to Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill and you can just take it off before using the product. Also, you need to close the lid after using the product because the ingredients may evaporate. Please lid the after using the product. :)

<How to change the refill>

How the product felt like



A moist moisturizing cushion that is made of 800,000 pores. 
The 800,000 fine pores in the size of 280 micro-meter is known to make your skin moist and smooth by splitting large moisturizing foundation and also by providing the transparent sense of moisture without lumping up. 

Hera UV Mist Cushion is a very innovative cushion because it reduces the lump ups of foundation and the work of having to tap it many times. :)


The oil texture of the close cells of the cushion 
comes off very thinly on the puff whenever you press the puff
and the skin gets covered in thin layers as if it wore transparent clothes
and it makes your skin look moist and glossy as if you've sprayed the mist. 

Can you feel the moistness?


 The moisturizing puff that immediately delivers moisturizing ingredients to the skin

Unlike dry puffs that usually do not absorb water very easily, the moisturizing puff of HERA UV Mist Cushion is a hydrophil puff that absorbs water right away. 
It is known to absorb the water in the foundation instantly. 
It sticks onto the skin very well and it applies very moistly because the puff has moist water in it. 
The puff is blue and feels extremely fine. The puff does not irritate the skin and it seems to enhance level of adhesion. 

The puff is a special anti-bacterial puff that can be managed in a clean way and it allows to skin to feel the moisture of the cushion because it contains water. 
It really does seem to make my skin moist. 



You can see the moistness of the cushion depending on the light. 
You can see the moistness very clearly in reality. 
The color looks like this when you're outside. 


You can do a very natural makeup 
because the the cushion of HERA UV Mist is extremely mist. 
You can correct your skin tone and 
create a moist skin as if you've sprayed a mist. 
It makes your skin like the ones of those actress~

* Before & After

The special puff in the size of 5-20 micro-meter fills up the uneven areas of the skin, expresses a smooth skin and maximizes the soft focus of the skin. 
As you can see in the photograph, I have big pores and uneven areas of the skin.
But Hera UV Mist Cushion covered them all. 
I am really thankful to Hera UV Mist Cushion. :)

I was really worried in cold days like these because my makeup didn't take very well
and my skin became rough and dry. 
I think this product is really amazing because it turned my skin moist and bright 
very quickly when I've simply tapped it onto my skin. 

In the past, I used to create a moist and bright skin by spraying the mist and by mixing the moisturizing essence and foundation. 
But now, I can simply create a moist and bright skin by tapping this product onto the skin. 
I feel as if I've become a makeup artist!

Hera UV Mist Cushion was also good when I had correct my makeups!
You can create a moist and bright skin in the evening simply by reapplying the product areas that need correction. 

The natural type is recommended for those people who want to create a natural moist and bright skin and the cover type is recommended for those who want to create a moist and bright face by covering the blemishes. You can create a natural highlighting effect by tapping the shimmer vanilla on your T-zone and cheeks. 

After trying out the product myself, 
I've found out why this product became the number one product within a month. 
I highly recommend Hera UV Mist Cushion+Refill, a beauty mega-item. :)

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