Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Sun Mate Milk 100 SPF50 75ml

HERA Sun Mate Milk 100 SPF50 75ml


I've realized that I must use a sun cream as I get older. 
So I try to use the best sun cream there is as much as possible. 
For such reasons, I tried using HERA's product. 

This is a Face & Body Sunblock Milk that protects the skin refreshingly and smoothly with its sun milk base.



I am feeling the importance of sun creams more and more as I am getting older. 
So I use it even when I am at home. 
Most of HERA's sun creams have a similar design like this one. 
It's as if it is saying 'I am a sun cream'. 

The expiration date is written on the bottom. 
It's wrong to think that you use a sun cream only during summer.
The lid opens very easily by turning it once. 
Also, it doesn't run down very easily because the mouth is very small. 


I dropped the sun cream on the back of my hand. 
As you can see in the photograph, it runs down quite easily. 
I personally prefer products that have oil in it because my face is extremely dry. 


I first applied it on my bare hand. 
Can you see the difference?

The instruction says that this product is for those people who like doing sports. 
Perhaps it's because of such reasons that it doesn't erase very easily. 
It's a sun block for your skin and body, but I usually only use it on my face.  LOL

I think it gets absorbed very well by considering the amount of oil that it contains. 
You should be able to understand how well it absorbs by actually applying it on your face.
 For such reasons, it's not damp and doesn't get pushed away even if you use the foundation or a base. 

I really like products like these.

These are the ingredients. 
I was surprised that it had this much ingredients in it. 


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