Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE Soothing essential Cream 70ml

IOPE Soothing essential Cream 70ml


This is the essential soothing cream that IOPE has recently released.
I received this product as a free gift when I buying IOPE Air Cushion. LOL
I looked for its price and it was actually pretty cheap. 
I think it's cheaper than those road-shop brands.  LOL

This is how big the product is. It doesn't fit in my hand because it's 70ml. LOL

A moisturizing cream that maintains the moisture on the skin for a long time by creating a moisture layer. You can use it for 12 month after unsealing. 
It's a product that has gone through the dermatology test. 

It's a tube-type product and the mouth looks like this. 
It's very convenient!


I applied it on the back of my hand. LOL
It's not really a gel and it didn't have much oil like creams do.
It was sort of in between the watery type and the oily type. 
You should use it after applying the skin, lotion, cream. 
I personally think it's better to use this product in the morning rather than in the evening. 
As you may already know, it's good to apply functional cosmetics in the evening. :)


 It applies very smoothly on the skin and it feels very soft. 
It smelled like women's cosmetics. LOL

It seems to create a moisture protection layer. 
It feels very refreshing and light. 
It's heavier than gel-types, but it has adequate oil and the absorption was pretty good. 
It wasn't very sticky on the skin. 

I tested the viscosity. The texture isn't sticky. 
I guess the texture is in between watery and sticky. 

This is after applying the product on my face. 
I really liked it because it looked very moist. LOL
The cream-type texture becomes very watery when you absorb it into the skin. 
It's sort of sucks that it's not a functional product, but I think it's a pretty good product for those people who need moisture on their skin. 
You should be able to use this product very easily and as much as you want 
because it's cheap and also because it's a product for all skin types. LOL

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