Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Treatment Essence

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Treatment Essence


[Review on cosmetics] IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Treatment Essence - It has outstanding effects for calming down the skin

I went to the Aritaum store and had a talk with the person over there because 
I got interested in IOPE's product after using the Mild Clinic Cream last time. 

I have an oily to combination skin. 
My skin is usually very glossy and gets a lot of troubles. 
However, my skin always seem to lack moisture. 

This is a product that the person at the store recommended me. 


This is IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Treatment Essence, which is a product in the IOPE Trouble series. 

The description says that this product contains highly enriched essence that takes care of the troubled areas of the skin. It also contains panduratin, bentrax gel and eucalyptus oil. 


I hope that you also take a look at the description on the back!

This is how the product looks like. It's made of glass and the pump was very smooth. 
If you are a kind of person that lacks mositure on your skin, you should be able to cover your face with the amount that comes out by pumping it about 
three time. 

I've used this product for about five days and the pimple that I used to have had calmed down!!

I highly recommend it for those people who have a dry skin and get a lot of trouble on the face just like me. 

It should be good for the tired skin that receives a lot of sweat during summer
because it also has a sense of moisture. 



This is my bare hand! My entire skin except my face is pretty rough and dry. 

 I pumped it once. It's sort of watery and the color was gray. 
I liked it because It didn't have much smell and didn't hurt my head. 
I think those people who do not like the smell of perfume or cosmetics would like this product. 

I applied it right away. The area on the side began to absorb the product immediately. 
The product got absorbed very well into the skin. 

The product gets absorbed into the skin within a minute. I didn't have to spread the essence in that condition. In fact, it absorbed even better on my face. 

I personally think the products of IOPE are really great these days. :)

Let me summarize the advantages and the disadvantage of this product. 


1. It gets absorbed into the skin very well. It should be a great product during summer because we sweat a lot. 
2. It has outstanding effects for calming down the skin. It should be great for those people who have combination skin and get a lot of troubles. It would be great if you can calm down your skin with this product and apply the nutrition cream. 
3. It doesn't have much smell  and I think it should help to provide nutrition to your skin. It is highly recommended for those people who are sensitive to smell because it doesn't have much smell. 


1. It's sort of expensive. It's 45,000 KRW for 40ml. It's sort of expensive for a poor salary girl. 
I usually finish using an essence or a cream in two to three weeks. 
2. You should never apply this product before exercising. I applied a little before I went exercising and it wasn't really good. 

I hope that you apply it after finishing your exercises!

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  1. Just found your post while looking up reviews of the product/trouble clinic line! I just got an AMORE email about how they're releasing it here in the US and I wanted to find some information...sounds like I have similar skin to yours - I have a lot of acne and my skin tends to get oily, yet it's still dry and very, very tingly after cleansing. Blah! I'll definitely have to try :) Loved your review!